Looking to the Future: Top 5 3D Printing Trends to Watch


It seems like every week new 3D printers, 3D modeling apps and materials are getting announced. We are drowning in an information overflow about the newest model or filament on the market – and of course everyone has a different opinion about which trend will dominate the 3D printing market in 2016 and beyond. On crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo more than 50 different 3D printing projects are currently being launched.

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The Need for Speed: Navigating the Urban Landscape With a 3D Printed Electric Longboard


Sune Pedersen has invented a whole new way of getting around. With the ambition of changing the future of urban transportation, this software engineer from Copenhagen has used the power of 3D printing to create an innovative range of urban transportation vehicles for mobility-impacted people.

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Qubicle 3.0 Review and Tutorial: 3D Printing With a Voxel Editor


Qubicle 3.0 is a voxel editor that enables you to easily create 3D models with a unique blocky style. The software was just launched on steam and comes with a 3D printing function. So if 3D modeling & 3D printing in voxel style is your thing, this software review is for you!

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50 Microns of Gray: Introducing Our Smooth Detail Resin for Scale Modelers


Once again we’re proud to announce a new member in our growing family of 3D print materials! This time we would like to introduce the official trial of a high-detail material that is perfect for scale modelers: Smooth Detail Resin! Featuring a smooth surface, an extreme level of detail due to its 50 μm layers, and a gray color that’s perfect for painting, this material is what many of you have been waiting for. Let’s take a closer look!
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3D Prints for the Big Audience: Taking a Look at the Latest 3D Printing Exhibitions in Paris and Madrid


It doesn’t matter if you’re already a 3D printing expert or if you’ve only heard rumors about the way this new technology is currently changing the way we design and produce objects: 3D printing is en vogue and 3D printing exhibitions are currently taking over museums by storm.

Two promising exhibitions in Paris and Madrid have just opened their doors – and expect more than 100,000 monthly visitors. So we took a look at what these visitors could expect and created a short collection of must-see 3D prints!

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Ready, Steady, Tinker: The Tinkercad 3D Printing Week


Here at i.materialise, we love Tinkercad. It is one of the most intuitive 3D modeling apps to play with, and it makes tinkering with your designs fun and easy. That’s why we invite you to create stunning 3D prints with this free 3D modeling app and win great prizes!

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Modernizing Traditional Painting with 3D Printing: Guido Salimbeni’s 3D Artwork


Guido Salimbeni is an Italian artist based in Florence. But he is not just any painter. Guido’s skills with the brush are just as good as his skills with modern 3D modeling software, which is why Guido combines traditional oil painting with 3D printing. In this way, the Italian artist has managed to find a truly unique style of art.

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3D Printing and 3D Modeling with Photoshop CC


Great news for Photoshop users: you can now use the powerful editing tools of Photoshop to bring 3D models and prints to life! Photoshop CC now fully supports 3D printing with i.materialise in 100+ materials and finishes – all that’s left for you to do is to take a look at our new tutorial video on how to create 3D models in Photoshop. Read more…

The Mars Ring: Physicist Turns NASA’s Data from Outer Space into a Metal 3D Print


Theoretical physicist Dr. Casey Handmer has been fascinated with 3D printing, technology and space ever since he can remember. One of his endeavors has been to transform NASA’s publicly available data about the planet Mars into an elegant ring – and we met with him to talk about his project and why he turned to 3D printing to realize it. Read more…

Introducing the New High-Detail Stainless Steel Gloss Finish


Metal 3D printing in extremely high detail is one of the most exciting technological trends in the industry right now. That’s why we introduced High-Detail Stainless Steel back in 2013, and today, we have perfected a new finish for this extraordinary material: the all-new gloss finish!

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