Time to Shine: Introducing Chrome-Plated Brass


Once again we’re proud to announce a new member in our growing family of 3D printing materials and finishes! This time we would like to introduce the official trial of a shiny new metal finish: Chrome-Plated Brass! Featuring a smooth and glossy surface, a great level of detail, and a razor-thin electroplated chromium layer, this finish is what many of you have been waiting for. Let’s take a closer look!

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ZBrush 3D Printing Tutorial: Preparing 3D Sculptures for 3D Printing


ZBrush is hands down the most popular and powerful digital sculpting software out there. That’s why this program is mainly used for designing figurines, sculptures, game characters, or any other design that needs an organic shape. Some users have trouble turning these 3D models into 3D prints – and that’s where we come in! In this hands-on tutorial we will show you step-by-step how you can prepare your ZBrush models for 3D printing.

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3D Printed Action Figures: How to Make Your Own Action Figure


3D printing has had a huge impact on all kinds of objects… even action figures. Big brands like DC Comics have even signed deals with 3D printing companies to print some of their figurines. But since 3D printing is all about customization it is also the perfect technology to create a DIY action figure. Here’s how it’s done!

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Key 3D Modeling Terms Beginners Need to Know


3D models are the starting point of all 3D printing projects. Without a 3D model, a 3D printer doesn’t know what to print. In this blog post we will dive into the most important 3D modeling terminology for beginners.

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SUPERLORA: A 3D Printed Jewelry Brand at the Intersection of Art and Science

SUPERLORA: A 3D Printed Jewelry Brand at the Intersection of Art and Science

Having initially studied physics and only later turned to the world of jewelry and fashion design, Ariadne Kapelioti calls herself a “scientist-gone-artist.” According to Ariadne, art and science actually share surprising similarities, however much they might seem like polar opposites in popular imagination. That’s why she instantly fell in love with 3D printing when she first discovered it; she knew that it would be the perfect tool to express her ideas and emotions in a scientific way.

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Preparing Files for 3D Printing: File-Fixing Terminology Explanation and Checklist


Creating a model for 3D printing can be somewhat intimidating at first. In this blog post, we will cover some essential tips designers should keep in mind before placing their order. Sticking to this checklist will make sure that your 3D model is perfectly fixed before 3D printing it.

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3D Printing Jewelry: Our Top 10 Jewelry 3D Prints 2016


3D printing is becoming an essential tool for many jewelry designers. It is well-adapted for jewelry production, as it is a technology that allows great freedom of design and the large-scale production of individualized models. That’s why we keep receiving more orders for 3D printed jewelry in bronze, brass, Sterling Silver, or even 14k/18k gold and steel! Reason enough for us to take a look at some of the best designs we’ve printed lately.

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Announcing the Top 3 Winning Designs of the SketchUp 3D Printing Challenge


A few weeks ago, we invited SketchUp users from all over the world to participate in our ‘SketchUp 3D Printed Jewelry Challenge’ and submit their unique jewelry designs. All participants stood a chance of receiving their 3D model printed out in real Sterling Silver, a 100 EUR/110 USD i.materialise voucher, as well as a SketchUp Pro license.

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Looking to the Future: Top 5 3D Printing Trends to Watch


It seems like every week new 3D printers, 3D modeling apps and materials are getting announced. We are drowning in an information overflow about the newest model or filament on the market – and of course everyone has a different opinion about which trend will dominate the 3D printing market in 2016 and beyond. On crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo more than 50 different 3D printing projects are currently being launched.

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The Need for Speed: Navigating the Urban Landscape With a 3D Printed Electric Longboard


Sune Pedersen has invented a whole new way of getting around. With the ambition of changing the future of urban transportation, this software engineer from Copenhagen has used the power of 3D printing to create an innovative range of urban transportation vehicles for mobility-impacted people.

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