7 Examples Of Useful, Aesthetic, And Innovative Household Items You Can Make With a 3D Printer

3D printing is changing the way we design and produce products. And when we talk about 3D-printed products, we don’t mean strange, pixelated objects — no, we mean aesthetic and useful high-quality household items that everyone can make nowadays.

The following examples are taken from Cults 3D, a 3D model database for 3D printing. Cults lets you download all of these designs as STL files and which you can use to order high-quality prints via our online 3D printing service.

1. Faceted Modular Wall Planter

This indoor planter features a printed wall cleat, allowing for it to be mounted to the wall, and giving it the ability to slide on and off in combination with other wall-cleat products. It’s perfect for small cacti and succulents. We printed it in Alumide (a mix of Polyamide with Aluminum particles) which gives this hanging flower pot the perfect look.


Design by 3DBrooklyn. Free download available on Cults3D.

2. Energy-Saving Sign

This little sign in the shape of a light bulb is designed to decorate a light switch. It is perfect for teaching kids to save energy by switching off the light when they are not in the room. In order to make it stand out, we decided to print this one in yellow-dyed Polyamide.

3. Desktop Gardening Tools

These miniature gardening tools were 3D printed in Alumide and can be attached to any standard hexagon pencil. The set includes tools such as a shovel, pitchfork, spade, hoe, and a rake. Simply perfect for taking care of your desktop Zen garden!

4. Second Life Mug

This handle allows you to upcycle a marmalade mug thanks to 3D printing. In the example below, the handle fits perfectly on a Jar of “Bonne Maman.” Once the jar is empty, it can simply be reused as a drinking mug.

5. Stamps, Bookmarks, and Paper Clips

3D printing can make organizing your desk much more fun. The heart-shaped bookmark will always show you where you left off reading something. The little yellow paper clip that says ‘LOL’ exists in all forms of messages and helps you categorize your paperwork, and the like stamp is the ultimate analog upvote button. We printed all these designs in dyed Polyamide.


Like Button by Eunny (free download here), Heart Bookmark by 102Creations (free download here), Abbreviation Paper Clips by Walltosh (free download here).

6. PET Flower Vase

This PET flower vase is another great example of upcycling. Give used PET bottles a second life by turning them into a useful decoration. We printed this object in our natural white Polyamide material.


Design by LeFabShop/Samuel Bernier. Free download available on Cults3D.

7. Sticky Note Smartphone Stand

What looks like a sticky note is actually the minimalist design of a smartphone stand. This 3D print is the perfect solution if you like to keep an eye on your phone while working at your desk.


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