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Luigi Vaghi and Miel Wellens win our Urban Nomad contest!

We saw many nice entries, but of course only one per category can win. After the votes of Flanders DC and our team were counted we selected the best entries . Miel Wellens and Luigi Vaghi are the winners of the challenge! 

Miel Wellens was really pushing himself to the limit in this challenge; we received four designs and each single one was very popular amongst the jury members. He is the big winner of this competition; he wins his 3D prints ‘Pencilery’ and ‘Paperspin’ in the categories stainless steel and polyamide, besides that we will showcast his design at the festival of creativity. I think these two items need a little explanation. The designer invented a new word, especially for this design, namely: pencilery = pencils + cutlery!
Why this fits in the theme? Wellens: “Even on the road you want to eat with descent forks or knives (instead of the crappy plastic ones), so that’s how I came up with this easy solution. They also fit at the back of pencils, for those creative peop

Ho ho ho….New Challenge: Christmas Ornaments!


Leafs are falling from the trees, the temperatures are getting lower and people are dressed warmer and warmer. Only three months before Christmas we want to present you our new challenge: The Christmas Ornaments Challenge! Christmas balls, little reindeer figures,…surprise us!


Participants need to upload their file here. You can find more information about the file formats in our FAQs under ‘website’. The material for this challenge is polyamide.

There are limits on the size of the design:

Bounding box polyamide: 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm


From today on you can submit your designs on the website until 1 pm UMT+2 (summertime), October 31st 2012.


We will put the renders on Facebook the 1st of November and let everyone decide until the 5th of November. The one with the most likes wins the challenge.


The designer with the most likes on Facebook wins its own 3D printed design. We will also put the winn

Facebook/Forum Challenge: Ferran Bruguera and Els Cuvelier win a voucher of 250 euro!

It was a tough race, but Ferran Bruguera could convince the jury with his nice project Moosca. Els Cuvelier on the other hand won the hearts of the people on Facebook with her ring Woman.

As soon as the pictures were on Facebook; people started linking and liking and liking…After a very exciting start, it became clear Els Cuvelier her ring Woman was winning the race, she ended the challenge with 173 likes.


For the forum we, the i.materialise team, was in charge of the votes. Since the votes were so diverse, we ended up with a shortlist on which we voted again: Boxing ring, Heart of Time, Lumi-Girl with the Caged Dress, Moosca, Custom Wedding ring and Julia vase. But, although it was very close, ofcourse there can only be one winner and thats……………..MOOSCA! We found the story very interesting and congratulate him with his great project and hope to see much more about him in the future.

The superhero Moosca will conquer more hearts in the future.

Both winner

Urban Nomad Challenge: 3 materials, 3 winners!


Inspired by our modern and mobile way of living we introduce to you our new challenge: The Urban Nomad Challenge! Let the nomads inspire you to make something extra-ordinary, never-seen-before or handy 3D printable design. Nowadays, thanks to technology, we can work everywhere; we are urban nomads using all kinds of tools and gadgets to support our mobile life. From iPhone cases to cellphone holders…..Think about it and surprise us, there are so many options: a tool, an ingenious gadget, something to support a mobile lifestyle,…


Participants need to upload their file here. You can find more information about the file formats in our FAQs under ‘website’. You can choose between 3 materials: ceramics, polyamide or stainless steel. When you upload the file you can mention in the comments section in which material you would like your design to be 3D printed in.

There are limits on the size of the design:

Bounding box polyamide: 12,5 x 12,5 x 12,5

Winner Metal Accessories Challenge

We have a winner! It was a tough decision, but finally there is only one winner….and that’s the Dragonbite Pencil, made by Vangelis and Dinos. They win their own 3D printed design!

On  June the 15th we introduced our Metal Accessories Challenge: we wanted designers to make something useful with a nice design at the same time. We gave everyone six weeks to show us their best work in stainles steel. It had to be something that makes your everyday life just a little easier and comfortable. The dragonbite is ergonomically designed and you can adjust it the way you wantallowing you to find the most comfortable way to write.

Not only is it handy to use, the designers made a beautiful and fun design. Just what we love and we hope you will too.

On behalf of the whole i.materialise team we wish these designers the very best and we thank all the other participants for their nice designs too.

Don’t forget our other challenge, the Facebook/Forum Design Challenge: Post a nice picture

Got a $100.000 idea for the 3D4D Challenge?

Do you have a transformational idea that could leverage 3D printing technologies to deliver real social benefits in the developing world? Would you welcome the chance to work with great people to develop your idea further? Better still, could your idea steal the $100,000 prize in our international challenge? You think so? Well, then you have to enter the 3D4D challenge. We had a talk with Rosie Wilson, the Project Manager of the 3D4D Challenge, who’s researching and coordinating the challenge.

What is the aim of the 3D4D challenge?

Rosie Wilson: «The 3D4D Challenge aims to unearth new ground-breaking ideas that exploit developments in 3D printing, mobile phone based scanning technology and web based design applications to improve the incomes and livelihoods of people in developing countries. Techfortrade is funding a $100k prize to enable the winning entry to be implemented. »

Who’s behind the 3D4D challenge?

Rosie Wilson: «William Hoyle is the founding Chief Executive of techf

3D printing the top 3 of the bead design challenge

About 2 weeks ago we announced the winners of the Bead Design Challenge. The 3D printed results came in yesterday, looking all loveable, and shiny as hell! Congrats again to the winners: Eva Tucek, Francisco Galan Manzo and Luigi Vaghi. Your 3D printed designs are on their way!

Pocket Rockets & Love Bombs by Eva Tucek:


Hoss Bunny Bead by Francisco Galan Manzo:

OX8 by Luigi Vaghi:

p.s. Don’t forget that the metal accessories challenge is still running, so don’t hesitate to submit your design.

3DTin’s Challenge Designs brought to Life

At the beginning of May 3DTin launched a design challenge on their platform where we would end up 3D printing the top 3 designs. The challenge ran from the beginning of May until the end of that month and was followed by a voting process. After some debating and reviewing we (collectively with 3DTin) came up with our winning three.

We congratulate 3DTin community members Germán, Stealth the third and Akin and would like to thank all 3DTin participants for their entries.

All designs were 3D printed in multicolor and made in 3DTin. If you like 3D printing challenges, we currently still have the Metal Accessories Challenge running at i.materialise that runs until the end of July. You can of course also make use of 3DTin’s easy-to-use software package to participate in this challenge. Just export your file as an STL and submit it to our challenge page.

You can also use 3DTin to create awesome designs that you can 3D print and showcase or even sell in our gallery. F

Presenting the Top 3 of the Bead Design Challenge

When we announced Metal Month at the beginning of June, we also included a wonderful design challenge where you had to design your own personalized bead in silver. It was the Bead Design Challenge. It became quite a popular challenge with a total of 27 entries from different designers around the world. As the challenge concluded on the 30th of June, our team got together to go through all the entries and choose our top 3 that will be 3D printed.

After some debating and vote counting the following three made it to the top.

Pocket Rockets & Love Bombs by Eva Tucek

Hoss Bunny Head by Francisco Galan Manzo

OX8 by Luigi Vaghi

We congratulate our winning three and thank everyone for participating. The top 3 will get their design 3D printed and send to them by the end of this month. And because we know all participants love their designs, they’ll all receive a discount of 15% (to be used on their design entry) sent to their email addresses shortly. This gives you the opportu

Delight with your very own 3D light

Announcing the Google SketchUp & i.materialise 3d printed Lamp Design Challenge.

Designers can enter to create and win their own lamp using Google SketchUp. The top 3 designers win their very own lamp 3D printed. The lamp comes complete with a light and base. The overall winner wins a Google SketchUp Pro 8 license. Check out the rules, how you can join and some examples on our Design Challenge page here.

We can”t wait to see how you surprise us with your very best in SketchUp product design skills. We’re looking for the most original lamp possible. How far will you take us? What will you make?

You can see some more lovely 3D printed lamp designs here on Flickr.