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And the Big Winner of the Andy Warhol Challenge is….

And the Big Winner of the Andy Warhol Challenge is….

Emanuele Niri! This young Italian designer will take his own print home. The jury was very surprised by the beauty of his design and the link with Andy Warhol.

Here’s his reaction: “First of all a huge thanks to the awesome i.materialise to run their competitions and give us all this unique opportunity to display our work and even more to the incredibly talented craftsmen that worked to ‘materialise’ my dream, You guys are great!”


Win an Autodesk Premium Membership account with our Pencil Grip Challenge!

Did you see the ‘dragonbite‘ pencil grip made by Vangelis and Dinos? Isn’t it stunning? Now we’re challenging you to make your own.

For this Challenge we’d like you to make an ergonomical, fun design for your pencil in polyamide. You can choose between all our polyamide finishes to give your design an extra touch.

We will select 5 winning designs. The 5 winners will all get the print of their design and an Autodesk Premium Membership.

Note that the jury selects upon the 3D renders you put online, so make sure to make a very clear, visible render.

This challenge is open to all designers, professional and amateur, regardless of sex, age or nationality.

Submissions will be accepted up to 23:59 Central European Time, June 30th, 2013.

There is no limit on the number of entries per contestant. To enter, you need to upload your design(s) here and provide a clear explanation (under ‘desciption’) i