Presenting the Top 3 of the Bead Design Challenge

When we announced Metal Month at the beginning of June, we also included a wonderful design challenge where you had to design your own personalized bead in silver. It was the Bead Design Challenge. It became quite a popular challenge with a total of 27 entries from different designers around the world. As the challenge concluded on the 30th of June, our team got together to go through all the entries and choose our top 3 that will be 3D printed.

After some debating and vote counting the following three made it to the top.

Pocket Rockets & Love Bombs by Eva Tucek

Hoss Bunny Head by Francisco Galan Manzo

OX8 by Luigi Vaghi

We congratulate our winning three and thank everyone for participating. The top 3 will get their design 3D printed and send to them by the end of this month. And because we know all participants love their designs, they’ll all receive a discount of 15% (to be used on their design entry) sent to their email addresses shortly. This gives you the opportunity to still 3D print your design at a reduced price and showcase it or offer it for sale in our gallery if you wish to do so.

As usual, we keep on encouraging our community to continue participating in our design challenges as you never know what or when you might win. There are always enough challenges to go round, so don’t hesitate to join. If you missed this one, just take a shot at the Metal Accessories challenge. Who knows… it could be the one challenge that’s just right for you.