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Valentine Story #3: Say it with 3D printed hearts

365 hearts for every day of the year, designer Marc van Megen sure has some love inside him.

We just loved the whole idea of the pendant and the ring from the first moment we saw it. The designer created it  in gold plated brass for that special someone in your life. Just perfect for Valentine!
Van Megem: ” They symbolize the love you feel for someone, built up by the many little things you love the person for. The 365 hearts can also represent the 365 days in a year. Love and time merge in harmony in this meaningful design. You can wear eternal love, it has bonded mankind in beautiful ways.”

Tell us a bit about yourself? (Where did you grow up?)
Marc: «I was born in a little village, Blerick, situated in Limburg (The Netherlands), a district known for its friendliness and Burgundian lifestyle. I graduated at the Design Academy of Eindhoven.»

What do you do in your everyday life?
Marc: «I am an industrial designer and self-employed. My company is “Van Megen Product De

Check out the winners of the Valentine Challenge

We had so many entries for the Valentine Challenge that it was hard to choose a winner. But: now all the votes are counted there are clearly two winners!

Roberto Trentin got the most votes for his high detailed stainless steel design called ‘Secret message ring’.

Isaie Bloch made a nice design ‘Diamonds are forever’ (where a lot of our feminine collegues fell for) in silver.

We want to congratulate both candidates with their designs. We can’t wait to see the designs coming out of our printers!

Meet the designer: Dario Scapitta

Growing up in a family full of designers, Dario Scapitta was destined to be a designer himself. Nowadays he’s experimenting with 3D printing and tries to find his way in the industry.

When did you start being interested in design?
<< Well, I was born in Valenza, the capital of the Italian jewellery business. Since I was young I heard about jewellery designers and goldsmiths, because my parents and my brother are all working in the jewellery business. So jewellery design is in my blood. Later on with my studies and my experiences I’ve learned how to become a designer myself. >>

How would you describe your style?
<< It is very difficult for me to describe my style, and probably it is also too early to talk about it. I’m always working on something that I like very much; I’m constantly inspired by nature, fashion, art, architecture and everything else that surrounds me. Every day I find new things or ideas to transform in a piece of jewellery. I like to be simple and original and

3D printing the top 3 of the bead design challenge

About 2 weeks ago we announced the winners of the Bead Design Challenge. The 3D printed results came in yesterday, looking all loveable, and shiny as hell! Congrats again to the winners: Eva Tucek, Francisco Galan Manzo and Luigi Vaghi. Your 3D printed designs are on their way!

Pocket Rockets & Love Bombs by Eva Tucek:


Hoss Bunny Bead by Francisco Galan Manzo:

OX8 by Luigi Vaghi:

p.s. Don’t forget that the metal accessories challenge is still running, so don’t hesitate to submit your design.

Presenting the Top 3 of the Bead Design Challenge

When we announced Metal Month at the beginning of June, we also included a wonderful design challenge where you had to design your own personalized bead in silver. It was the Bead Design Challenge. It became quite a popular challenge with a total of 27 entries from different designers around the world. As the challenge concluded on the 30th of June, our team got together to go through all the entries and choose our top 3 that will be 3D printed.

After some debating and vote counting the following three made it to the top.

Pocket Rockets & Love Bombs by Eva Tucek

Hoss Bunny Head by Francisco Galan Manzo

OX8 by Luigi Vaghi

We congratulate our winning three and thank everyone for participating. The top 3 will get their design 3D printed and send to them by the end of this month. And because we know all participants love their designs, they’ll all receive a discount of 15% (to be used on their design entry) sent to their email addresses shortly. This gives you the opportu