Meet the designer: Dario Scapitta

Growing up in a family full of designers, Dario Scapitta was destined to be a designer himself. Nowadays he’s experimenting with 3D printing and tries to find his way in the industry.

When did you start being interested in design?
<< Well, I was born in Valenza, the capital of the Italian jewellery business. Since I was young I heard about jewellery designers and goldsmiths, because my parents and my brother are all working in the jewellery business. So jewellery design is in my blood. Later on with my studies and my experiences I’ve learned how to become a designer myself. >>

How would you describe your style?
<< It is very difficult for me to describe my style, and probably it is also too early to talk about it. I’m always working on something that I like very much; I’m constantly inspired by nature, fashion, art, architecture and everything else that surrounds me. Every day I find new things or ideas to transform in a piece of jewellery. I like to be simple and original and try to create objects that make people happy whenever they wear it. >>

Was it easy to start off in the beginning?
<< Not at all. Especially when you are a very independent designer. You have to invest a lot in yourself and in your ideas. Every day you have to believe in what you are doing. I’m not working just to be famous but I’m working to create something that people like.>>
<< Internet is very fast to promote my work, but I also like magazines, fairs, exhibitions and design shops. I love to see woman face when she likes one of my objects. The direct contact with people is the best way to promote my designs. >>

When did you start printing your collection in 3D?
<< I learned about 3D printing, especially for jewellery, when I was still living and working in Valenza. It seemed interesting and promising. Then two years ago I’ve decided to move to the Netherlands. For me that was the right moment to try it out. i.materialise helped me to start; My firts creation is the STONE necklace, that won the second price on the i.materialise Jewelry Design Challenge. >>

Did 3D printing change your view on designing?
<< I think it’s an amazing technology, not only for the design world, but also for the medical world. During the Materialise World Conference I saw amazing uses of this technology. 3D printing is for me a new tool to realize my designs. I don’t want to be forced to use 3D printing just to create very complex shapes, I like to experiment with the materials and mix them. My view is not really changed, but improved. Every day is a challenge to use this technology in the right way. >>

If you had the freedom to design anything you want, what would it be?
<< My home. One day it will be possible just to press ENTER and see your home built layer by layer. They are working on it, so it’s just a question of time. >>

What materials do you like the most and why?
<< I like polyamide: light, flexible, resistant. I like the texture and surface, it looks like a natural or organic material. Next to that I like silver and bronze with which I’m now experimenting in combination with polyamide and other materials. >>

How do you see your future? Do you want to go further in jewellery design?
<< My future is to continue to be inspired, to work on my collections, to live with my passion and hope design will and can be a big part of my life. It is hard, I know it, and it is a very long way. My mind is full of ideas, not only jewelry is interesting to me but also home and fashion accessories. I know if I just believe in myself, everything will work out. >>

Scapitta's wonderful Butterfly Hat, a marvellous design.