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Imaginarium brings us Silver Indian Beauties

Mumbai based Imaginarium invites you to take a trip to the beauties of Indian culture in 3D printed silver. Today marks the beginning of a wonderful jewelry collection that’s brought to you by these talented creative minds. We start off today with three wonderfully detailed silver pendants that can be yours for the amazing price of 49,90 Euros and more lovely designs are to follow soon.

So if you’re into Indian history and culture, have a look at Imaginarium’s great gallery items. A preview can be seen below.

Do these lovely pendants inspire your creative mind? Do you also like to 3D print in silver? Then don’t hesitate to take a shot at creating some nice silver jewelry yourself by participating in our Silver Bead Design Challenge. The top 3 winners gets a free print of their designs!

Jennifer’s Two-Faced Medallion

Dutch artist Jennifer Hoes has recently 3D printed a very nice set of stainless steel medallions at i.materialise. The medallions showcase the many faces of the artist in an attempt to remind us of the many faces that we create for ourselves in these modern times. We create our different identities towards the outside world on a daily basis. From the face we show at work, to the face we put on at home, to the face we hide behind when we’re online. It was this interesting fact of life that brought Jennifer to the Roman God Janus, famous for his two faces that represented the balance in society and who became the main inspiration for this work of art.

Jennifer shares five of her expressions with us: happiness, anger, sadness, fearful and neutral. The happiness and anger expressions are facing outwards while the mirrored image can be admired on the medallion’s inside. The neutral expression has been 3D printed on the medallion’s edge as a barrier between the two opposite expres

Jewelry design workshop: too many applicants – great fun – wonderful results

Last June, we posted an invitation to participate in a special contemporary jewelry design workshop with Karen Wuytens, lecturer in Jewelry Design, and famous hat designer Elvis Pompilio The workshop took place in early September at the .MGX flagship store in Brussels.

Unfortunately, we had to limit the amount of participants to 10, meaning that many applicants were unable to join in on the fun. However, the lucky 10 participants were not complaining about the cozy atmosphere as they spent 2 days at the .MGX flagship store, where they received an intro to 3D printing from i.materialise. Karen Wuytens shared how to design a piece of jewelry, starting from a basic shape. Fabien Franzen taught the participants how to make their design in the software MOI3, which is very well suited to jewelry design. And finally, Elvis Pompilio was on hand to impart some expert design advice.

One week

i.materialise 3D printed jewelry workshop by Karen Wuytens

In September we will be organizing a workshop in contemporary 3D printed jewelry design at the .MGX flagship store in the Sablon area in Brussels. The 3 day workshop by Karen Wuytens will take place on the 8th, 9th and 16th of September. Participation is free of charge, but limited to ten participants.

Karen is a jewelry designer and PhD-researcher at MAD-Hasselt, who uses 3D printing in her designs. For this she works closely with us here at i.materialise. Karen will share her experience in 3D printed jewelry and take you through the creation of a 3D printed jewelry piece. Karen would like to, “let designers taste the spatial possibilities of this innovative new technology as well as the acompanying production and design process.” Noted hat designer Elvis Pompilio will also attend and help give you some insight into his work. Fabien Franzen will also be there in order to give you guidance of the 3D modeling aspects of the workshop. The attending designers will also be given

The titanium 3D printed Persian pattern Gaia 1 ring by Da Capo

DaCapo is a boutique Irish firm of designer goldsmiths that designs bespoke jewelry pieces together with customers. They tailor each piece to the customer’s wishes and work in gold, platinum, palladium and titanium. And now they’re working in 3D printed titanium together with us!

According to goldsmith and i.materialise Community Member Sé O’Donoghue the team makes “engagement rings, wedding bands, corporate gifts” and has made everything from books, to DomoKuns, to wheelbarrows, to scale replicas of Spitfires and Messcherschmidts, to Maori tattoo cufflinks, to anything you can think of” since the year 2000.

The DaCapo Gaia 1 ring is named, “after one of the first of the Titans from greek mythology after which Martin Klaproth named titanium in 1791.” The special Persian inspired pattern on the ring is similar to the one Sé has used for his family’s personal line of jewlery. He, his wife and 3 children all have variations on their own family pattern. That was a nice idea I