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Great phones ask for great covers

Your own unique cover in 1 2 3 ( 4 5)

Look what our friends Jonas and Daaf from Samson design studio have created. Yourkees allows you to create unique and awesome looking iPhone covers.

You are able to build your own KEES (Dutch for ‘Case’) by combining a side bumper with two back layers. These layers can be selected in two libraries. The first one is filled with 3D structures; the second one is filled with beautiful images of –mostly everyday- objects. The magic happens when you see the combination of both. As if that is wasn’t enough, you can also add your own piece of text on the cover AND select different material options! Some of the covers have a very special velvet look, of which you will soon hear more on our blog.

i.materialise is proud to work together as production partner for these guys. We see many great 3D printed covers passing by, but the configurator they have developed allows everyone to create cool designs with a unique touch

i.materialise to Japan, and back

Hi all,

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with our Japanese friends at Inter-Culture to exchange products in our online galleries.

Inter-Culture was founded by INCS, a Japanese company with a rich (+20 years!) history in 3D printing. So these guys definitely know how to design and produce for3D printing. Just as i.materialise, Inter-Culture has an online store where they offer a nice collection of 3D printed products

What does this mean for you?

Well, we’re sure you’ll have some nice advantages by this partnership.

Products of designers who are using the i.materialise gallery will also be offered for sale directly in Japan via the Inter-Culture channel. It generates more selling opportunities for your products,  giving you the chance to make more money.

Also – for people who are searching for original designs – we now offer some beautiful Inter-Culture products in their i.materialise gallery store. These are ‘designed in Japan’ – with a great eye for de

i.materialise Student Discount

UPDATE: This post is from 2011. Click here for the latest promo code for students!

Last year we noticed a spike in orders in April through July from design and engineering students worldwide who 3D printed concept cars, architectural models, functional models of prototypes and all sorts of other things with us. We really liked working on those projects (despite all the last minute stresses some of you had) and would like to encourage more students to 3D print with us.

If you’re a student at a College or University and want to use 3D printing for a school related project we”re giving you a 20% discount if you 3D print with us. We”re especially interested in Design Academy Students (Eindhoven, Finland etc.) & Engineering and product design graduates. But, feel free to wow us with any work from any discipline.


  • You have to be enrolled at a College, University or Technical school
  • You must contact us using a .edu or other university/school email adress to verify th

Creating 3D printable objects with Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

In April 2010 Adobe released the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. One of the new features of that Photoshop version is the Repoussé, a tool that allows you to create 3D objects extruding texts, selections, paths and layers masks. To celebrate the CS5 release, Adobe 3D printed some souvenirs via i.materialise for the team that developed the Repoussé technology. Nikolai Svakhin, one of the Photoshop Developers, wrote a terrific tutorial on how to create 3D printable objects with Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended.

Adobe Photoshop is the world’s leading graphics editing program. Its extended version basically adds 3D capabilities to the program. One of those exciting new 3D capabilities is called Repoussé.

“Repoussé is a new research system for the interactive enhancement of 2D art with 3D geometry. Repoussé creates a 3D shape by inflating the surface that interpolates the input curves. By using the mean curvature stored at boundary vertices as a degree of freedom, a user is able to ma


i.materialise recently sponsored the price for the Doga CG robot contest in Japan, by 3D printing the winning design.

Hiro, our Japanese colleague, had the chance to meet the winner, Yuunagi – to give his price and to ask him some questions. You can read his answers below, along with some pictures of his 3d printed robot character.

Yuunagi is a 3d model hobbyist active in Computer graphics since 6 years. He creates amazing renders of robot characters.

Hi Yuunagi, Did you enjoy the contest and the award?

“It was a great challenge, open for everyone to participate, also for beginners. Those challenges are a great chance to sharpen your 3D modeling skills. I will participate in the next one for sure.”

What do you think on your 3D printing model?

“I was surprised and excited to win the challenge. It’s amazing to see how my design came alive as a real model. It’s fun to touch it. I heard 3d printing is used a lot in the industry, but it

Free stl viewer helps in making your model 3D print ready

MiniMagics can help you in making your model 3D print ready when you have a model in STL format.
A summary of the features of MiniMagics is available at the download site.

But especially 1 feature can allow you to save precious time.
A model has to be ”watertight” before we can 3D print it.
Watertight means that all edges of the triangles of which your model consists of need to have a mutual edge with another triangle.

When the model is not watertight, our i.materialise service might not be showing a price online.
Our server tries to ”fix” the uploaded model and make it watertight automatically but when the gaps between 2 edges of triangles is too big, the fixing process might fill up the hole in a way that it effects the geometry of the model too much. So we limit the fixing within the boundaries that it is safe to fix.

Why don’t we show prices for models that are not watertight ?

Models with bad edges or holes will produce incorrect price parameters and hence inco

Shipping costs for Europe are lowered

Delivery to countries of the European Union has become a lot cheaper. i.materialise swapped from express service delivery to standard delivery. Standard delivery means road transport and thus in some cases 1 or 2 days slower than the express delivery but in favor of your wallet.

I”ve received feedback from the customers that they would prefer to wait a bit longer than to pay for fast delivery.
You will find now that the transport starts from 8 euro instead of the earlier 12 euro. The savings are bigger for the higher transport costs.