3D printing in bronze has passed the test

Little figures, medals, keys...anything is possible!

We’re happy to say to you our trial period of bronze is over! So from now on we can serve you with exact prices and details about the designs on our webpage. The maximum size we offer is 50 x 50 x 50 mm, but we do encourage you to challenge us with bigger models. If you come up with a design a little bit bigger than the imaginary box, don’t hesitate to tell us: we can check wheter it’s possible or not. We hope to print bigger models in time as research is still going on.

For the prices: we can say that a design up to 5 cm³ will cost you 38,50 dollar, for every extra cm³ you will pay 8,8 dollars extra. For compact models there’s an extra discount. The more material you have within the imaginary box around your model, the more discount you get for the same model volume.

Bronze is typically used for coins, medals, key or small figures, but don’t hesitate to think out of the box. We welcome any possible design!

Do you have more questions about your design, just mail it to contact@i.materialise.com. Hope to see your designs soon!

PS: Bronze and ceramic sample kits are now available!