Introducing Brass 3D Printing

The Love Bone by Studio Mango in gold plated brass

Looking for a high detailed metallic material that looks amazing and doesn’t cost you a fortune? Then Brass is the way to go for you. It’s a very shiny material due to its high-grade polished gold plated layer while offering a high level of detail giving it that 18-carat golden look. It’s a material that fits perfectly between 3D printed gold and gold plated stainless steel and here’s why…

  • Gold Plated Stainless Steel: Cheapest option but less detailed
  • Brass: Cheaper than Gold but same level of detail and beautifully shiny
  • Gold: Highly detailed like brass but more valuable

Gold plated brass is a great way to go when designing things such as small jewelry or Steampunk based designs. It just looks phenomenal and expensive when it’s actually quite affordable compared to the real thing. Let’s have a look at what it would cost you to 3D print in this new material:

  • 1cm3 will currently cost about 25 euros
  • 5cm3 will currently cost about 95 euros
  • 10cm3 will currently cost about 160 euros

What we can conclude from the above numbers is that the price gets better when printing in larger volumes. It might also be important to know that we base our price in dollars and covert it to euros afterwards. This provides a stable price for our US based community but also means the stronger the euro gets, the less our European communities will pay.

Tiki Queen Chess Pawn by Whystler (made in Tinkercad)

We are currently offering Brass as a summer trial, hence why you won’t find it amongst the materials page just yet. We do however have some more detailed information about it here. As the trial progresses, we’ll make more adjustments where necessary in order to continuously improve our services.

So… now that we’ve given you another fun material to play with, we’re curious to see what you can come up with next! Have a look around in our gallery for some inspiration and to see what others have done before you.