Great phones ask for great covers

Your own unique cover in 1 2 3 ( 4 5)

Look what our friends Jonas and Daaf from Samson design studio have created. Yourkees allows you to create unique and awesome looking iPhone covers.

You are able to build your own KEES (Dutch for ‘Case’) by combining a side bumper with two back layers. These layers can be selected in two libraries. The first one is filled with 3D structures; the second one is filled with beautiful images of –mostly everyday- objects. The magic happens when you see the combination of both. As if that is wasn’t enough, you can also add your own piece of text on the cover AND select different material options! Some of the covers have a very special velvet look, of which you will soon hear more on our blog.

i.materialise is proud to work together as production partner for these guys. We see many great 3D printed covers passing by, but the configurator they have developed allows everyone to create cool designs with a unique touch.

This is what Jonas and Daaf are saying:

“We like to make things that look good, and we believe that everyone should be able to buy products that are beautiful, functional and cool. These products must be affordable and easily attainable. This is now possible with the cutting-edge 3D printing technology of i.materialise”

The covers are for sale starting from 37,5€. Go to Yourkees to check it out.