Finish it!

The surface of a 3D printed model is determined by the material and the technology. It will define the look and feel of your printed design.

Most technologies print your model layer by layer. The goal of post-finishing is to reduce evidence of these layers as much as possible, without damaging the geometry of your model. However, the difference in surfaces can be seen when the natural surface option is chosen – for example, a powder based model will be rougher than a resin based model.

So what can you do with your model after it’s printed? Well, we already have a wide range of post-finishing options available but a lot of times, our designers create their own magic. Welcome in the world of polishing, dyeing, painting, and so much more. Don’t consider these pages to be omniscient but will add more and more information as time goes by.

Check them out here:

United colors of polyamide


Paintable resin + chroming = Awesome wedding cake topper - by Josh Azevado


Leeds 600 (prime gray) painted - by Mark Casson


Unpolished vs polished titanium


Velvet green croco - by Henrik Rydberg (Tinkercad)


Meet cosmetic, technical and basic finish!


Mr. Collodi , multicolor painted - by Ilse Vermeulen


Transparent resin red - by Matthias Richter


Velvet yellow KEES iPhone cover - by Samson Design Studio