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Guest blog Deepak Mehta: (123D)Catch it if you can!

Update: Autodesk has discontinued this app. It is no longer available for download.

Recently Autodesk released 123D Catch for the iPhone. But how useful is the app  from a 3D printing perspective? Deepak Mehta, a technology evangelist for 3D printing, takes it to the test and tells about his experiences.

Let me start with a short introduction of the functionality of 123D Catch for the iPhone. This is basically a front-end interface to the cloud service by Autodesk, which is also used by the Windows and the iPad version. The idea is that, through a combination of a good camera and the data from the location and gyro sensors in the iPhone, you can easily locate the angle at which the photo of the object was taken. Based on this information the cloud service will stitch the images together and render a 3D model.

 For good results you need to take care of several things:

1) Homogenous lighting: don’t turn on more lights during the shoot and avoid shadows darkening the shot… The

The revolution begins here: 3D Printshow in London

What a great weekend we had in London! The 3D Printshow was overwhelming and crowded at times, but very interesting because of the people you meet and the stories you hear.

Was it the result of the hype around 3D printing? Or did the revolution really start past weekend? It’s hard to tell. But we can say we never saw more people attending a 3D printing event than this one. Not only designers and software companies appeared; also families, students, hobbyists and people who were just generally interested in this ‘new’ industry were very enthusiastic visitors.


What surprised me the most were the inventive designs people are now able to create. The (fashion) show on friday night gave some hints of what people could expect during the weekend, but when you could take a closer look in the galleries afterwards it abolutely blew me away. There were amazing pieces  showcased of  Niccolo Casas , Matthew Plummer- Fernandez, INNER | LEAF , Iris van Herpen, Michiel Cornelissen, Frans

3D4D Challenge: discover the finalists!

Who will win 100.000 dollar for their 3D printed social project?  Only five days to go til we can give you an answer to this question, but we didn’t want to wait to present you the 8 finalists!

All the finalists will get 1000 dollar and expert mentors to develop their projects, but ofcourse their can only be one winner: What project will win the big prize, namely 100.000 dollar? The jury got entries from all over the world and picked out 8 finalists. To give you a better view on the competition, we present you the projects.

This finalist has got an easy to manufacture and assemble robotic greenhouse in mind. The project would enable local communities to produce vegetables and fruit very easy, even in the hardest conditions.


Ed and Cornell’s project involves the development of Solar lamps created from used plastic Coke bottles using 3D printed ‘bottle caps’ and attachments for the charger, batte

Guestblog Tom Kurke: Attacking the 3D Printing Hype Cycle

In ten years we will 3D print our houses and have at least one 3D Printer at home. We all hear these stories, but what should we believe? Tom Kurke, COO of Geomagic, gives his view on the 3D printing hype.

No offense to Gartner, but I believe they’ve gotten it wrong in their assessments of 3D printing and 3D scanners in their ‘Hype Cycle‘ info graphics. Gartner concludes that both 3D printing and scanning are 5-10 years away from their ‘plateau of productivity.’ While it is certainly debatable when mass customization and the concept of a personal factory will be unlocked by the democratization of 3D capture and production technologies – these tools are being used productively, now, in a wide range of businesses.

It’s easy for a research analyst, writer, blogger, industry pundit or other predictor of ominous events to throw cold water on innovation and creativity. But the question remains, how does hype transition to a market- and game-changing shift that impacts the way people li

Newsflash: High detailed stainless steel (HS) has entered the building!

It’s all in the details. With high detailed stainless steel (HS), you can go wild with your designs. We tested the materials for a few weeks now and it looks pretty stunning. You can situate the material between silver and titanium. It’s pretty much as strong as titanium, but more shiny and mostly less expensive. Towards silver it’s less shiny but stronger. So if you’re looking for alternatives with a very high detailed standard: this could be the one!


For weeks we were (and are) excited to finally tell you the news and give you, as a designer, more -detailed- options. Wim, even did a test on rust: he put a high detailed stainless steel design in a bath with salt and no marks of rust are visible. We can’t wait to discover what you’ll design with this material!

We’re still waiting to put HS on our material page: we will let you try, play and test the material until the end of the year and see whether the material is worth to have its own place on our material page. We

London calling: visit i.materialise at the 3D Printshow

Only ten more days to go and the 3D Printshow in London will start off  for the first time. We, the i.materialise-team will be present so come and check us out at our booth or join one of our workshops.

The Brewery in London is getting ready for their first 3D Printing event ever. From the 19th until the 21st of October the days will be filled with workshops, seminars and live 3D printing shows.
Come check out our booth (K21): we will show you a selection of designs made by designers of our community such as the 3D printed retro Bioscope, designed by Jon Stam & Simon de Bakker and of course  Josh Henry’s amphibious ‘Ula Miami Concept Car’ will be making its European debut at our booth! Also, be sure to check out Iris van Herpen’s dress from the Escapism collection- 3D printed at Materialise.

Need a workout? No problem. We have two on offer on Saturday 20th of October:

  • Workshop with Tinkercad (15:00-16:00) to introduce you to their easy to use 3D web application. W

Looking for a good 3D modeler? Find one on our Forum!

You have some great ideas in your head to 3D print, but you don’t know how to design in 3D? No problem, with our 3D modeling service on the forum you can easily find a qualified 3D modeler.

Now that 3D printing is getting bigger and becoming mainstream, more and more people want to design 3D printable objects. Of course, not everyone has the set of skills to do that. So we reserved a special place on the forum with a list of qualified designers to help you out. Check out the 3D modeler service to find a 3D modeler yourself. We already checked 2 designers and put their services online.

Are you a designer yourself that wants to offer your services? Check out our application form and fill it in. We will check your portfolio and 3D modeling skills before you can become a listed designer like Dot San or Visualize-to.

Note that i.materialise is not liable for any transactions taking place between users. Therefor we won’t have a ranking system for listed designers. In case of com

Luigi Vaghi and Miel Wellens win our Urban Nomad contest!

We saw many nice entries, but of course only one per category can win. After the votes of Flanders DC and our team were counted we selected the best entries . Miel Wellens and Luigi Vaghi are the winners of the challenge! 

Miel Wellens was really pushing himself to the limit in this challenge; we received four designs and each single one was very popular amongst the jury members. He is the big winner of this competition; he wins his 3D prints ‘Pencilery’ and ‘Paperspin’ in the categories stainless steel and polyamide, besides that we will showcast his design at the festival of creativity. I think these two items need a little explanation. The designer invented a new word, especially for this design, namely: pencilery = pencils + cutlery!
Why this fits in the theme? Wellens: “Even on the road you want to eat with descent forks or knives (instead of the crappy plastic ones), so that’s how I came up with this easy solution. They also fit at the back of pencils, for those creative peop

New: Titanium online pricing and textures in 3D Printlab

We’re happy to anounce to you the following updates on our website: our trial period for titanium is over and you’re now able to see your uploaded 3D design with texture ánd color!

From now on we can serve you with exact online prices and details about the designs on our website . The maximum size we offer is 200 x 250 x 400 mm. The minimum wall thickness for your design has to be at least 0,2 millimeter, the minimum detail size 0,1. Titanium can be great for jewelry because you normally can’t have any allergic reaction from it. And although it’s not the cheapest material to work with, it’s definitely the strongest material you can 3D print.

The second update is about your uploaded 3D designs. Before, when you uploaded your design, you just saw your 3D model in grey, but those days are over: from now on you can see your design in full color!
Next to that:  when you upload a compressed file in the 3D print lab (obj, mtl and images) you can see textures to have a better vie

Share your uploaded 3D design to the world!

Always wanted to show your uploaded 3D design to friends or family? Now you can! Our share function makes it possible for other people to see your uploaded design so you can ask their opinion.

Sometimes, you just need an opinion about your design. You’re not sure about the size, the material and other people may help with that. Now you do these things in one simple click. When you upload your design in our 3D printlab just click on ‘share your model’. You will get a link so you can send it to everyone you want. But be careful: the link only works for thirty days!

Or you want to give other people the possibility to print your design? No problem: click and share! It doesn’t only seem easy: it IS easy. So why don’t you try it yourself?

Keep your creativity going.

For your information: Titanium online pricing is now available!