Win an Autodesk Premium Membership account with our Pencil Grip Challenge!

Did you see the ‘dragonbite‘ pencil grip made by Vangelis and Dinos? Isn’t it stunning? Now we’re challenging you to make your own.

For this Challenge we’d like you to make an ergonomical, fun design for your pencil in polyamide. You can choose between all our polyamide finishes to give your design an extra touch.

We will select 5 winning designs. The 5 winners will all get the print of their design and an Autodesk Premium Membership.

Note that the jury selects upon the 3D renders you put online, so make sure to make a very clear, visible render.

This challenge is open to all designers, professional and amateur, regardless of sex, age or nationality.

Submissions will be accepted up to 23:59 Central European Time, June 30th, 2013.

There is no limit on the number of entries per contestant. To enter, you need to upload your design(s) here and provide a clear explanation (under ‘desciption’) in at least 50 words.

The i.materialise team together with Autodesk.

Participants need to upload their file here. You can find more information about the file formats in our FAQs under ‘website’. The material for this challenge is polyamide.

There are limits on the size of the design:

Bounding box polyamide: 125 cm³ (e.g. 5 x 5 x 5cm)


  • Combining a good clearance and the flexibility of PA: Variation is the diameter of the pencil (an average one is 7.5 mm) and variations in the production process of PA make it difficult to make a perfect fit between the grip and the pencil. Therefore you have to foresee enough distance between the grip and the pencil. Go for a clearance of 0.6mm if you want to be sure that the pencil will pass through without getting stuck. Make sure to combine this clearance with the flexibility of PA in order to get a perfect fit. A good example is the mouth of the dragonbite which adjusts to the size of the pencil so that the pencil is tightly held. The front of the beak  has a smaller diameter than the diameter of the pencil but will bend open and fit with the diameter of the pencil that get inserted.
  • Ergonomics: the purpose of the grip is to increase the ease of use of the pencil so it’s key to think about ergonomics of the future users. How well is your design adjusted to the end user? How will people with bigger or smaller hands hold the grip? Does the grip allow the fingers, hand and/or wrist to be in a neutral position so that the user feels no stress or strain? Etc. are questions to ask yourselves during the design.

·         i.materialise’s general terms & conditions apply to this challenge, for more information visit: &

·         All entries must be unique and never 3D printed before.

·         i.materialise reserves the right to amend these rules at any time. Any amendment to competition rules will be posted on the i.materialise website.

·         In addition, attendance of the semi-finalists at the award event is not mandatory and will be at expense of contestants. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. No cash alternatives or substitutes will be allowed. The decision of the jury will be final.