Pimp Your Pencil With 3D Printing

 Writing with a pencil or pen will never be dull again. Take a look at the results of our 3D printing challenge and get inspired to print your own personalized pencil or pen grip!

A List of the Best 3D Printed Pencil/Pen Grips

Brian Hamilton made this cool looking pencil grip ‘Ligature’: “it’s a hyper-ergonomically designed device intended to produce maximum support, comfort, and mediation between the human hand and the writing instrument with minimal contact to either entity. Ligature is designed to subjugate the paradox between the benefit that comes from what is there and the usefulness from what is not.”

3d printed pencil grip

upgrade your pencil with 3d printing

“My pencil grip ‘Spiral Fish’ has been inspired by the ocean waves and more in general by ocean life,” says Riccardo Bovo. “You can grasp the object with 2 or 3 fingers and  I applied a texture (inspired by a fish scale) on the handle for a stronger grip.

make pencils better with 3d printing

3d printing can make pens better

Next pencil grip is made by Pieter Neyens: “With this grip you can let your darkest secrets out…”

3d printed pencil made better with 3d printing

making pen writing better with 3d printing

Michele Schio: “I have chosen a spiral evolution in a 3D loft feature with multiple control sketches to get the right shape. I have also thought of full rounded triangles as the main extrusion shape because they are completely symmetric. Moreover associated with the spiral evolution, that fully fits with our fingers, it gets a very comfortable grip and its cone form frees the fingers natural movement.

3d printing pencil

Ralph Zoontjes: “Pencilpal is a unique 3D printed pencil grip with customizable text on the top surface. By putting your personal or your company’s name on it, Pencilpal becomes a unique gift or personal item that truly stands out.”

pencilpal, a 3d printed pencil
All designs were 3D printed in polyamide. Want to create your own design in polyamide check out the design guide and start designing! We also offer 100+ other 3D printing materials and finishes on our online 3D printing service. Once you have a printable 3D model, upload it here and see your price instantly.