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Turning a Stick into a 3D Printed Bronze Stylus

Turning a Stick into a 3D Printed Bronze Stylus

Jeremy Burnich discovered metalpoint sketching by accident – and soon after created a bronze stylus in the shape of a stick by using 3D printing. The design was modeled in Rhino and ZBrush and manufactured in 3D printed bronze by i.materialise.

Jeremy was in his backyard with his dog when he saw a small stick on the ground, held it in his hand like a pen, and knew in that moment what he wanted to create. Having created a silver stylus before, he wanted something inspired by nature for his second version and decided to turn a twig into a so-called inkless pen for sketching on stone paper.

Jeremy Burnich became interested in metalpoint sketching and soon created a 3D-printed bronze stylus.

The idea to create these metal writing instruments came by accident, when Jeremy happened to brush his silver ring against a page in his stone paper notebook. Intrigued by the mark left behind, he investigated further and discovered that copper, bronze and aluminum foil had the same behavior.