3D Printing Trends For 2023: Breaking Down Barriers

Year after year, the adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) reaches new heights. So, what can you expect from 2023? Discover our prediction of the four biggest trends driving AM forward over the next twelve months.

Over the last thirty years, additive manufacturing has become an important part of the manufacturing toolbox. Its versatility and flexibility bring plenty of added value — yet it has also spent much of that time isolated from conventional production processes. However, those walls are slowly coming down, with the two worlds beginning to merge.

The implications of this are huge.

Each year, our parent company, Materialise, presents the 3D printing trends that will shape our industry in the coming months. For 2023, we believe that these four trends hold the key to breaking down the barriers that are still associated with adopting the technology as part of an industrial manufacturing process. They are:

  1. The rise of smart, distributed manufacturing
  2. A focus on cost reduction 
  3. The shift from process automation to workflow automation
  4.  Data security and data integrity becoming top of mind

By addressing these topics, companies can scale up their 3D printing operations into volume production and advance the overall adoption of 3D printing. Watch the video below to learn more about the four biggest 3D printing trends for 2023.