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Models made in Multicolor+ are made with a UV Inkjet printer to produce full color strong parts that are as equally good as injection molded parts. 3D printed Multicolor+ has a layered buildup which is visible when looking closely.
Ships as of 15 business days

Design Specifications

Minimum Wall Thickness
1 mm
Minimum Details
Maximum Size
300 x 300 x 300 mm
Interlocking or Enclosed Parts?

Pricing Info

The pricing for Multicolor+ is based on:

  • Model volume: The volume of your model is used to calculate the material cost (mm³)
  • Model surface
  • Volume of the support

For Multicolor+, a minimum price is charged per ordered piece. This cost vanishes when the price is higher than the minimum price.

Typical Use

Multicolor+ can be used for non-functional models such as figurines, avatars, memes, or architectural models.



The technique used to build your design with Multicolor+ is UV Inkjet printing. It's similar to the inkjet 2D printing technology and makes use of UV curable inks that are hardened with UV light. The printing process involves successive layers of curable ink on top of each other until the desired design is completed. Water-soluble support material is used to build overhanging elements and is removed after the printing process.

Additional Information

  • If your 3D file doesn’t contain any color information, it will result in a white print.
  • For multicolor, you must either upload a file that already includes the textures (e.g. colored STL, VRML, SKP, X3D, and DAE) or a ZIP file containing all the necessary color information (e.g. an OBJ file with a texture map and an MTL file). Please consult our design guide for more information about textures.