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Polyamide (MJF) is an exceptionally versatile, strong and slightly flexible material. It can resist a small degree of impact and some pressure while being bent. Depending on the design, it can be flexible or rigid. The surface has a sandy, granular look, and is slightly porous. By using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, your models will have a higher density and lower porosity than models produced with Selective Laser Sintering. Polyamide is the ideal choice when you need more detailed surface resolution or thinner walls than with Laser Sintering. Polyamide is a great material for beginners who want a well-priced model, extensive freedom of design, and who don’t want to be bothered too much with the limitations of the printing process.
Ships as of 6 business days

Design Specifications

Minimum Wall Thickness
1 mm, but living hinges are possible at 0.5 mm
Minimum Details
0.25 mm
± 0.3% (with lower limit on ± 0.3 mm)
Maximum Size
  • 250 x 340 x 360 mm (natural)
  • 250 x 340 x 360 mm (dyed black)
  • 200 x 200 x 200 mm (polished)
  • 200 x 150 x 150 mm (polished and dyed black)
0.5 mm
Enclosed Parts?
Interlocking Parts?

Pricing Info

The pricing for Polyamide is based on the volume your models take up in the 3D printing machine. This includes the volume of your models and the surrounding space they require in the printer’s build chamber to ensure a successful print.

For Polyamide, we charge a minimum price per ordered piece. Unlike the startup cost (which is applied to most materials), this cost vanishes when the price is higher than the minimum price. If you order two or more copies of a model, the price automatically decreases because the preparation of multiple copies can be carried out more efficiently.

Typical Use

Polyamide (MJF) is suitable for complex models, prototypes, small series of components, end products and functional models. Applications range from casings to twisty puzzles, art, gadgets and jewelry.


HP Multi Jet Fusion is a powder-based technology but doesn’t use lasers. The powder bed is heated uniformly at the outset. A fusing agent is jetted where particles need to be selectively molten, and a detailing agent is jetted around the contours to improve part resolution. While lamps pass over the surface of the powder bed, the jetted material captures the heat and helps distribute it evenly.

Additional Information

  • The gray color is due to mixing the white polyamide powder with the black drops of ink used as fusing and detailing agents
  • Slight variations in color may occur throughout your model and between different models. If you want a uniform look, we recommend the dyed finish.
  • The material is not food-safe

Learning about our materials is one thing, seeing and touching them another. That's why we've designed sample kits based on our Periodic Table of Materials.

Polyamide (MJF) Sample Kit  

Polyamide (MJF) Sample Kit

Includes a natural gray, natural polished, a dyed black and a dyed black polished sample.

$ 22.00