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Will it print? Taking the Nokia Lumia 820 shell tests a level higher

Yesterday we did a few tests to print the Nokia Lumia 820 shell on our printers (in ABS, resin and polyamide). Today we’re comparing the other materials. Check it out and stay tuned to find out our next steps!

As we found out yesterday there are big errors when it comes to the functionality of the 3D printed Nokia shell files: the buttons don’t function as they should, the wireless charging function disappeared and you need to be careful with your material choice.

Now take a look at our next tests and see what came out of our printers today:

1. Transparent resin: it looks smooth, it feels nice in your hand and gives the phone a more sophisticated look. If we had to give an award for the best looking shell, this would be the winner. But do the buttons work? Unfortunately.

2. Prime gray: the shell fits, but again: no functioning buttons!
3. High detailed resin: to make the file printable, the engineer made the wall of the design thicker by adding an extra millimeter. Ano

Myth buster: printing a Nokia Lumia 820 cover is a piece of cake

It looks like 3D printing is getting even more mainstream with the just launched rear shell for your Nokia Lumia 820. Easy to download, but what about printability?

The Nokia Lumia 820 has a clip-on interchangeable back which can be downloaded on the developer site. It can then be 3D printed on your printer or by a service such as ours. We’re happy that such a major player in the world in mobility embraces 3D printing and customization. They’re the first manufacturer to do so. But the problem is: it looks very simple and cool to 3D print, but knowing that it takes a lot of research and test prints to have a functional phone cover or shell (like we did to make sure the KEES covers fit), we’re taking this one to the test on several printers!

What do we need? A Nokia Lumia 820 of course! We jumped into our snow boots to buy one and get it to our office. First thing we did was trying to get the cover of. Once we got the back removed there were two things that caught our attention.

HAPPY 2013- Wishing you all the best!

Plenty of exciting things happened in 2012 and 2013 will be even greater! The world is getting to know 3D printing and the technology is expanding its influence into mainstream culture. i.materialise is ready to push these borders a little bit further.

Every day designers keep amazing us with their extra-ordinary designs. Now it’s time to give something back. This year we introduce to you: our very own i.materialise DESIGN-AWARD. Yes, that’s right. We just can’t be blind for all the design talent we’re seeing. We are growing, but we want you to grow with us. That’s why we decided to reward the biggest talents. Watch this blog to find out the details.

Our team –and even our office- is getting bigger. We’re ready to serve you during 2013 and we have some very exciting events, challenges, meetups and workshops coming up.

Besides that we will never stop exploring new materials and finishes so you can go crazy with your design. Do you have suggestions? Please tell us on our for

High Detailed Stainless Steel: it’s all in the details!

For more than two months now, people are testing our high detailed stainless steel. The results are ashtonishing and the feedback is very positive. Read the guidelines from the designers and get inspired to try it out yourself!

High detailed stainless steel can be situated between silver and titanium. Designers use the material for jewelry or other designs which ask for very small details.

Ras Leaudevie
, a Belgian designer, got inspired by knitting knobs. His design is full of symbolism and looks really fancy on knitting needles.

If you’re looking for needles 2.0, this must be the perfect pair. Leaudevie: “You can’t compare it with other materials, the details are amazing. The only thing you need to count in from the beginning, as for other metals, is the shrinkage allowance.”  So always make sure you read the design guide before going wild with your design.

Da Capo tested the material for one of their rings. “The price is relatively higher than other metals,

Tweak it, build it: unique 3D printed trophies by Twikit

Enough with the generic, uninspired metal medals. Three friends, Martijn, Gijs and Georges, just introduced their company Twikit. Winning will now be even sweeter thanks to their 3D printed personalized trophies.

Winning is great. But everytime I see the medals and trophies I can’t help myself thinking: ‘Again?’ For years, there haven’t been big changes or innovations in the trophy market to supply the winners with a hip and glam -3D printed- medal they deserve. Till now! Belgian based company Twikit is ready to change that industry. Martijn Joris, one of the founders: “We see ourselves as an exponent of the ‘makers’ era with a strong consumer oriented point of view. We want people to tweak and build products in the easiest way possible. Everybody can tweak our designs by using our online configurator.”

The Twikit team created an online platform through which anyone can personalize and order their very own 3D printed award. The company takes care of the production and finishing o

.MGX online shop: buy award winning designs in just one click

Our fantastic colleagues in the .MGX by Materialise team have officially launched their new, expanded webshop. Take a look at their line of 3D-printed, award-winning design products and like us, discover your favorite pieces!

Are you a design lover and collector? In a few clicks, you can now buy a wonderful 3D printed piece for your home by the likes of Patrick Jouin, Arik Levy, or Janne Kyttanen to name a few. Just visit:

The i.materialise team got together and selected our 3 favorite .MGX designs…which are your favorites?

1. Lily.MGX: this Red Dot Design Award winning lamp, created by Janne Kyttanen, is still a classic in the collection.

2. Detail.MGX: this lamp is the ultimate customized lamp, made from the designer’s, Dan Yeffet, 3D printed fingerprint.

3. Damned.MGX: this chandelier is a favorite of many. Designed by Luc Merx and based on a 17th century painting by P.P. Rubens, it should come as no surprise that it h