New app alert: Autodesk 123D Design

Update: Autodesk has discontinued this app. It is no longer available for download.

Is your head always stuck with great ideas, but you have no clue how to model? No problem! With the new free 123D Design app created by Autodesk, you don’t need to worry about learning complex 3D design concepts. Designing is now just one app away. It even works in your browser!

Design the things you imagine, and then make them real! With Autodesk 123D Design you can use natural design and editing tools to create a 3D model. Then 3D print your model by clicking the “choose i.materialise” button.

How it works

  • Get started with one of the basic shapes. In just a few clicks you can already be cruising along with your design.
  • Professional 3D modeling skills are not required. Using the creation and editing tools is straightforward and natural, so you can focus on what you’re designing, not how to design it.
  • 123D Design automatically creates the most natural connection between parts. When moved, objects will align and snap to connection points like the corners and the center of faces. That’s not what you want? Don’t worry, you can define your own specifics.
  • Save your designs to your desktop, or save them to My Projects where you can access them from the 123D Design web and desktop apps.
  • Ready to order your 3D print? Converting your model from digital to physical is just a few clicks away: hit the “choose i.materialise” button and simply order your print in our 3D print lab and off you go!

Made with Autodesk 123D Design

3D printed and approved by i.materialise

More cool stuff

  • If you design easier on a flat piece of paper, start with a sketch and then make it 3D when you’re ready.
  • Preview what your project would look like when it’s made by adding realistic materials like plastic, ceramic, and metal.
  • Check out projects from other 123D Design users, right in the app. Get inspired by what others have done, or use their shared projects in your own design.

To celebrate the launch of 123D Design, we’re offering you a discount of 10% (valid from 08/11/2012 to 09/12/2012) on all 3D prints ordered  via the Autodesk 123D website. You can choose any material you want. Just use the following promo code: 



We hope you have lots of fun with this app and we’re looking forward to see your creations. Have fun designing!