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Introducing: Material Monday!

This year we will feature, every second Monday of the month, one of our materials. We will inform you with the latest updates, design possibilities and of course a lot of inspiration. But first: an overview!

With 16 materials and more than 60 finishes, i.materialise offers one of the widest material ranges in the world to 3D print in. We’re always making sure our designers get the best quality offer and with our design guides on the material pages we lead you to the finish of your item.

The last material we introduced was high detailed stainless steel, on trial, as you can clearly see in our periodic table of materials which showcases all our materials. Do you -firstly- want to see and feel the materials, buy one of our basic sample kits (with a voucher of 25 euro/ 40 dollar) or some loose samples.

Now, let’s take a closer look at our offer:

Use: jewelry, lamps, fashion, prototype models
: white, black, red, blue, spray painted black and spray painted whit

3D Printing Foam

Have you seen this video clip yet? Yes, apparently it is possible to print foam now! Take a look at below’s video to see the world’s first foam 3D printer in action. Make sure to scroll down to learn more about other astonishing 3D printing materials such as gold or ceramics.

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