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Prime Gray for your smooth, detailed designs!

We’ve had so much compliments about this material that we couldn’t wait any longer to feature Prime Gray in our Material Monday!

We’ve seen so many nice designs since we introducced the material in June 2011. The freedom of design is limited (due to the support structure during printing), so most people use it for decorative models, prototypes, character models and scaled train or tram models.



Or what do you think about these cute helmets, designed by MinificCustomsIn3d?

The thing we love about the designs we see is not only the designs but also the way people finish their models. A lot of community members love to paint the designs, like this model from Sven-Åke Grufstedt. But make sure to check out other painted designs from Guido Mandorf or Volkmar Meier to name some.

Prime gray costs 1,55€ per cubic centimeter (plus a 5€ handling cost per model). For each extra copy of your model you order, the handlingcost gradually drops from 5€ to

Check out our foodsafe material ceramics!

We’re so happy we introduced ceramics last summer. This material has got so many great uses since it’s foodsafe and heath resistant. Get inspired by the advices from our team!

We’ve seen so many great ceramic designs passing by the last few months and it became very clear: ceramics isn’t only useful for homeware. People like to experiment with it on other levels like jewelry and accessories. Sofie, one of our support engineers: ” Of course we’ve seen a lot of cups and vases being printed, but we’ve also seen pieces of necklaces, pendants and small figurines. It’s great to see people thinking out of the box and play with colors (we’re offering 9 for the moment) when it comes to ceramics.”

Okay, it’s a great material and it gives so many design opportunities, but of course you’ll need to follow some design instructions. Our product designer Bert made some samples to test the material during the summer and likes to share some design advice with you. “Franky a

Get your groove on with Bronze and Stainless Steel

It’s time for a new Material Monday. This month: Check out the new design guides of bronze and stainless steel!

Stainless steel is one of the cheapest material of our steel family. It’s perfect to give your design extra character. The material looks a little pitted and robust and is often used for scale models, jewelry (but be aware of skin irritation) and decorative models.

For models up to 5 cm³ volume you pay $35.00 for non gold plated colors and $41.00 for gold plated colors. For every extra cm³ above 5 cm3 -till 40 cm³- you pay $8.00 extra. For every extra cm³ above 40cm³ you pay $7.5 extra. For compact models we have a discount: The more material you have within the imaginary box around your model, the bigger your discount becomes for the same model volume. Check out the material page for more information.
Do you need more details? Then high detailed stainless steel could be perfect for you. It’s got the strenght of titanium, but the pricing is less ex

It’s smooth, it’s soft…it’s polished polyamide! Free finish for a month!

We’re happy to introduce white polished polyamide to take your designs a level higher. To celebrate we’re offering this finish for free until the 21st of March. Read all about it!

It’s a hard knock life, but i.materialise comes to the rescue and softens the edges a little bit…with polished polyamide! It feels smooth in your hands and it looks great since the building layers of the design aren’t that visible any more. Polished polyamide just gives that little extra touch and feel, which brings your design to a whole new level.
Polishing, also referred to as mechanical smoothing, is a special finishing process for polyamide. To achieve a polished finish, your model is put into a tumbler with small stones. While the tumbler vibrates at a high frequency the small stones smooth your model.

Tumbler stones will get your design perfectly polished.

You can clearly see the difference between the unpolished (left) and the polished (right) version.

…and the building layers are

Plenty more possibilities in Polyamide!

It’s our second Material Monday and this month it’s all about polyamide. Find out more about dying larger pieces and get a sneak peek at our new color!

Polyamide is a very popular material and is constructed from very fine, white nylon powder. The technique to build your designs with this material is called ‘ laser sintering‘. The result is a strong, somewhat flexible material that can take small impacts and resist some pressure while being bent.
Pricewise, the material is quite affordable. All designs that fit within a bounding box of 125 cm3 and have a maximum dimension of 200 mm comes at 12,5 euro a piece. Examples of those designs are rings, iPhone cases, dices, earrings etc. If your models are larger, then pricing will mainly be based on the bounding box. Also, the more copies you order, the larger the discount.
Polyamide is typically used for small series of models, complex models, lamp shades, but we’ve also seen people use it for jewelry and accessories.

Introducing: Material Monday!

This year we will feature, every second Monday of the month, one of our materials. We will inform you with the latest updates, design possibilities and of course a lot of inspiration. But first: an overview!

With 16 materials and more than 60 finishes, i.materialise offers one of the widest material ranges in the world to 3D print in. We’re always making sure our designers get the best quality offer and with our design guides on the material pages we lead you to the finish of your item.

The last material we introduced was high detailed stainless steel, on trial, as you can clearly see in our periodic table of materials which showcases all our materials. Do you -firstly- want to see and feel the materials, buy one of our basic sample kits (with a voucher of 25 euro/ 40 dollar) or some loose samples.

Now, let’s take a closer look at our offer:

Use: jewelry, lamps, fashion, prototype models
: white, black, red, blue, spray painted black and spray painted whit