Plenty more possibilities in Polyamide!

It’s our second Material Monday and this month it’s all about polyamide. Find out more about dying larger pieces and get a sneak peek at our new color!

Polyamide is a very popular material and is constructed from very fine, white nylon powder. The technique to build your designs with this material is called ‘ laser sintering‘. The result is a strong, somewhat flexible material that can take small impacts and resist some pressure while being bent.
Pricewise, the material is quite affordable. All designs that fit within a bounding box of 125 cm3 and have a maximum dimension of 200 mm comes at 12,5 euro a piece. Examples of those designs are rings, iPhone cases, dices, earrings etc. If your models are larger, then pricing will mainly be based on the bounding box. Also, the more copies you order, the larger the discount.
Polyamide is typically used for small series of models, complex models, lamp shades, but we’ve also seen people use it for jewelry and accessories.

Your design comes in a natural white color out of the 3D printer. But what would our world look like without any color? Rather dull, no? For the moment we’re offering five extra colors: dyed black, red, and blue and spray painted black and white. But our range is continously expanding. Especially for Valentine’s Day we will launch a new color this week. Can you guess which one by looking at our picture?

We have more good news for you: from today on  it’s possible to dye bigger volumes with a bounding box up to 200 mm x 200 mm x 180 mm (instead of 150 x 150 x 150 mm). What’s even more: order a large (we’re talking over 150 x 150 x 150 mm) polyamide design in a color between February 11th and March 10th  and get a 10 % discount on your next order!

If you’re looking for a more fluffy finish, we have even more colors on offer: pink, yellow, blue, green, black, bordeaux, ochre and petrol blue.

Croco clips by Henrik Rydberg

And it doesn’t stop there. Keep your eyes open because next week we’ll be launching yet another finish for polyamide. Wait and see.

Do you want to see and feel all our materials with your own eyes? Order some samples! It’s the best way to get a good sense of the materials. You can buy a basic sample kit or seperate samples.