Materialise Makes Its Way into National Geographic


National Geographic’s yellow portrait frame is one of the most iconic logos around. The yellow frame surrounds some of the most amazing images possible to capture with a camera, with high-quality, beautiful photos that reveal the world around us and beyond. For this reason, many of us have grown up surrounded by stacks of National Geographic magazines, either at home or at the houses of family and friends, for generations. This is not just a magazine, it is part of our collective experience and memory. Read more…

Here Are the 3D Prints from the Mix-a-Monster Challenge


About two months ago we asked you to release your inner monster to create a new kind of creature in Autodesk Meshmixer. We sent this odd looking bunch to our 3D printers and now they’ve hatched.

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The 3D Printing Event in Kuala Lumpur: Art, Design and Architecture

The 3D Printing Event in KL- Art, Design and Architecture

Have you been hearing a lot about 3D printing and wondering what the hype is all about? Are you deliberating why this technology is the so called “revolution” in the way we imagine, design and create new products? Would you like to explore the potential of 3D printing for your business?

Join us at the 3D Printing Event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to witness Vagler 3D Printing machines “live” in action. You will also have the opportunity to scan yourself and carry home your 3D file…ready for printing.  The event will also showcase exclusive designer accessories, in various 3D printable materials, from i.materialise.

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Ceramic “3D Crafts” by Alice Le Biez: A Delicate Fusion of 3D Printing and Traditional Craftsmanship


It will never match the warmth of a hand-made product: this is one of the myths about 3D Printing. But now with the introduction of “3D Crafts,” a set of 3D Printed ceramic bowls designed by French graduate student Alice Le Biez, that myth is about to be shattered for good. With a variety of 3D Printing materials that now go far beyond plastics, ancient craftsmanship and edgy technology can be beautifully blended to bring the emotion of a design to life. Read more…

Throwback Thursday: Why i.materialise Was Born


Happy 5th Anniversary i.materialise! A big thank you goes out to all designers, makers, inventors, students, partners, press, and so many more who have supported us along the way. How cheesy it may sound, we really couldn’t have done this without you. So, the next weeks I’ll be posting a series of Throwback Thursdays for a trip down memory lane. Today, I’m kicking off with an inspiring story by our CEO, Fried Vancraen: “Why i.materialise was born”.

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Dyed Alumide: Can You Handle All This Sparkle?

Dyed Alumide: Can You Handle All This Sparkle?

Starting today, we’re really excited to share a new, exclusive line of 5 colors to our Alumide material: Asphalt Black, Brick Red, Rusty Orange, Sparkly Blue and Moss Green. Up till now you’ve been ordering Alumide solely in its natural color, mat aluminum, but that’s about to change.

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Talking Tom Comes to Life Thanks to 3D Printing Toyze App

Talking Tom

Outfit 7’s Talking Tom and his friends, are now part of the Toyze app! Talking Tom has been downloaded over 2 billion times, and now Tom comes to life thanks to Toyze, which brings characters from the digital realm to real life. Read more…

Announcing the Winners of the Holiday Gift Challenge

Featured Image

About a month ago, we teamed up designer-oriented 3D model marketplace, Autodesk 123D and Choc Edge for a Holiday Gift Challenge. With this challenge, we wanted to showcase the range of possibilities that 3D printing brings to Holiday shopping, as designers are invited to work with two distinct categories –Silver and Ceramics. Let’s take a closer look at the two winning entries.

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Come Say Hi to the i.materialise Japan Team at Maker Faire Tokyo!


A celebration of invention and creativity, Maker Faire has been held in cities all across the world. Of course, Tokyo is no exception: the 3rd annual Maker Faire Tokyo will be held on November 23rd and 24th at Tokyo Big Sight! The i.materialise Japan community outreach team will be there to show our 3D Printed items and answer any questions you may have about your 3D Printing project. Read more…

5 Unique 3D Printed Gift ideas for Christmas


Christmas is a magical time of the year filled with joy. Who doesn’t love spending time with their loved ones and opening presents? The excitement and the anticipation awakens the kid in every single one of us. This Christmas you can make the experience extra special for someone you love with a unique 3D printed gift you designed or customized yourself. Put down the complicated 3D design programs, this year tools from our Creation Corner will give you an easy way to bring a special spark to the holidays while showcasing your creativity.

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