Shaped by Ancient Memories and Distant Cultures: Francesca Paolin’s 3D Printed Jewelry Collection

Francesca’s Spring and Summer 2015 collection “Opposites”

Asian cultures, African tribes, long-forgotten memories and adventurous dreams: Italian fashion and jewelry designer Francesca Paolin creates one-of-a-kind 3D printed jewelry collections. Instead of choosing conventional materials like precious metals for her designs, Francesca surprises us with colorful 3D prints in Polyamide (nylon). Read on to learn more about her refreshing fusion-designs.

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Essential Maya Modeling Tips and Tricks: Russ’s Tutorial on How to Design Samurai Helmets

Essential Maya Modeling Tips and Tricks: Russ’s Tutorial on How to Design Samurai Helmets

After having presented two stunning 3D models of Japanese samurai helmets last months, Russ Ogi will now show us how he designed them in Autodesk Maya in this tutorial. This beginner-friendly article will cover important modeling tips and get you the knowledge you need to create 3D printable models in Maya.

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New Materials, New Finishes, New Website Functions – What We’ve Improved So Far This Year


Our main goal is to be the best 3D printing service for your needs: That’s why we are constantly working on improving your experience on our site. This year we have worked a lot on new materials, new finishes, better production times, and new website functions. Come take a look at what has happened so far this year.

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3D Printed Necklace Fit for Any Earthling or Alien


The two things you can never reproach fashion designer Laura Thapthimkuna for: simple-mindedness and tedium. This young designer melds fashion, art and science into objects that are not only utterly stunning but also provocative and scary. Now Laura presents her first terrific experiments with 3D printing. Read more…

Tutorial: Create Your Own 3D Printed Bracelet in a Matter of Minutes


Creating and 3D printing your own bracelet has never been easier thanks to free online apps like UNIQD. All you need is an Internet browser, a few minutes of your time, and some creativity. Here is our tutorial on how to 3D model and print your own bracelet in five easy steps. No software, installation, 3D printer, or prior 3D modeling or 3D printing experience is required! Read more…

Live Update from the Materialise World Conference


Twenty-five years ago, a young research engineer saw a 3D printer for the first time. Seeing this novel technology in action immediately sparked his interest and, more importantly, his imagination. Now, 25 years in, we are proud of all the meaningful innovations we’ve materialized, and invited the “Leaders of the 3D Printing World” to come to Belgium to celebrate with us at the Materialise World Conference.

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3D Printed Gifts for Geeks and Gentleman


Gift giving is not easy – especially for men. And offering a pair of socks or a new tie every year might not be the most unique idea. But there’s help: there’s something for everyone, from geeks to gentlemen, in our shops. Now might be the perfect time to finally offer them their first 3D printed gift – in plastics, steel, titanium, or even ceramic. Don’t forget: Father’s Day is coming!

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Melinda Looi Makes Waves with New 3D Printed Fashion Collection


For the second time, Belgium 3D printing powerhouse Materialise and multi-award winning fashion designer Melinda Looi have teamed up to launch yet another artistic and technological breath-taking collection entitled “Gems of the Ocean” at Meckler Media’s 3D Print Week, New York. Read more…

Top Five 3D Prints that We’ve Seen This Spring


It’s World Creativity and Innovation Day – reason enough for us to look back at the Top 5 creative 3D prints that we’ve seen this year so far and to be reminded that 3D printing lives through great ideas and creative minds. So sit back and take a look at our Top 5! Read more…

Join Us at Maker Faire Paris on May 2nd and 3rd!


On May 2nd and 3rd 2015 we’ll be attending the Maker Faire in Paris. We welcome all people interested in 3D printing to come visit us at our booth and learn more about the possibilities of this great technology. We will present our 3D printing materials and services and will be available to discuss your 3D printing projects. Read more…