.MGX Sets the Scene at the Seoul Design Festival!

mgx in korea-featured design

This month, .MGX goes to the Seoul Design Festival. To get ready for the festival’s opening, the DDP Design Lab (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) will display the Gamete.MGX by Xavier Lust, Volume.MGX by Dror, Solid S1 by Patrick Jouin and the AI.MGX by Assa Ashuach. From November 5th to 25th, you can find these items at “3D Printing Design Exhibition: <MGX>” at the Gallery Café, Design Lab 2F at the DDP Design Lab. Read more…

Paula Radcliffe Makes a Comeback with the Help of RS Print’s 3D Printed Insoles


One of the biggest city marathons in the world, the 44th annual New York City Marathon took place yesterday, November 2. Despite the cold and windy weather condition, millions of people lined up to cheer some 50,000 participants who ran 26.2 miles through the streets of New York.

After winning this prestigious marathon in 2008, world-record-holder Paula Radcliffe experienced a setback in her running career because of a foot injury. But, where there’s a will, there’s always a way. She made her comeback this past September at the Worcester City Marathon, on custom-made insoles 3D Printed through RS Print, powered by Materialise.  Read more…

Make Your Halloween Sinister and Spooky with These 3D Printed Project Ideas


Halloween is just around the corner, but there’s still time to unleash the power of your creativity by creating an unforgettably terrifying 3D project. The possibilities are only limited by the scope of your evil plans. Whether you need to add some finishing touches to your ghostly costume or add eerie props for your house for warding off the kids, 3D printing will help you put your unique spin on one of the funnest times of the year. 

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UU-U Memory Ring: Harder to Lose, Easier to Find

UU-U Memory Ring Featured

How many times have you been digging into your bag in search of a flash drive buried somewhere underneath all your stuff? How many times have you misplaced a drive at university or at work and not known where to find it? If the answer to both questions is “many”, then you should definitely check out the UU-U Memory Ring created by Portsmouth designer Ming Wu. This is a flash drive designed to be worn! Read more…

Congratulations to HP on their Newly Revealed 3D Printer – a First Reaction from Materialise’s CEO


All of us at Materialise would like to congratulate HP on their newly-revealed 3D printer! We look forward to collaborating with them to bring meaningful applications to users.

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i.materialise Is Looking to Expand Its Community Management Team

Community Manager

Can you name five of your favorite 3D printing projects off the top of your head? Do your friends say you’re a bit obsessed with social media? If you said “yes” to this, and if you’re a well-rounded, social wordsmith, read our description below to see if you could be i.materialise’s newest community manager.

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The Launch of a 3D Printed Rocket


BOLDROCKET has an ambitious plan: to deliver aspiring business and technology solutions to the finance services industry that changes the traditional way that people think. Set out with a mission to foster a creative environment in the office, D+DS architecture designed the office and approached Materialise to print a 3.7-meter-long orange 3D Printed rocket for BOLDROCKET’s new office in London. The giant rocket sits suspended in the air alongside a wall patterned with plants that mimic the smoke bellowing out of a rocket at take-off.
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5 Breathtaking Dresses Made with 3D Printing

5-breathtaking-3dprinted-dress-x.pose-by-Xuedi Chen

What seemed like a distant future where you 3D print your own clothes is edging closer to reality as these innovative fashion designers are embracing 3D printing to make stunning outfits. For fashion designers, 3D printing opens up a world of possibilities with faster prototyping, lower costs and technology-integrated design. Here’s 5 breathtaking dresses made with 3D printing. Read more…

Get a 10% Discount on High-Detail Stainless Steel through November 5!


Attention all designers with keen eye for details: from today through November 5th, anyone who orders their own design in High-Detail Stainless Steel will receive a 10% discount! There’s no other 3D Printing service that can 3D Print in stainless steel with such an incredible level of detail. Why not try out our exclusive material while the discount lasts?
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3D Printing Spotted at NY Fashion Week in Katie Gallagher’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Katie Gallagher’s “Fantasm” collection

Fantasm. No, that is not a misspelling: it is the original spelling of the modern-day word “phantasm”, which describes something that can only be perceived. Before you start to have a cold sweat with flashbacks to the epistemology chapter in your Philosophy 101 class, let’s ease your mind by showing you some pictures of Katie Gallagher’s “Fantasm” Spring 2015 collection.

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