Join the CGTrader and i.materialise Holiday Gift Challenge and Enter to Win a Free Ceramics or Sterling Silver Print plus a Premium 123D License!

Holiday Gift Challenge

Believe it or not but the Holiday Season is approaching. Fast! That’s we we’ve teamed up with designer-oriented 3D model marketplace for a Holiday Gift Challenge. It’s a team effort to showcase the range of possibilities that 3D printing brings to Holiday shopping, as designers are invited to work with two distinct categories –Silver and Ceramics

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Change the Focus with Panasonic’s 3D Printed Camera Covers

Panasonic LUMIX GM1

Like any other art form, photography is a way to express yourself. Imagine not only doing so through the pictures you take, but also through the device you take them with. This idea triggered Panasonic to explore 3D printing as a way to personalize its products. The result is a first range of custom covers for the LUMIX GM1 compact camera, presented during the Photokina fair in Cologne, Germany, last week.

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Calling all 3D Designers: Do You Have What it Takes to Join the i.materialise 3D Modeling Service?

Photo of Herdewyn's design sketch at left, and the finished 3D printed design created with the help of Bussels's 3D modeling. From the 7 Sins Collection.

Are you a talented designer, or know someone who is?

The i.materialise 3D Modeling Service might be the place for them! This exhaustive design directory is free to use, and provided as a resource to all of i.materialise’s clients. This growing list is the largest offered by any 3D printing service, and allows clients to find and commission a 3D designer to make ideas into 3D-printed-reality! Each applicant’s portfolio is vetted for quality, and designers are hand-picked for their exemplary skill and reliability. Designers can apply and submit their portfolios here.

Read on about how Frederik Bussels, architect, 3D printed shoemaker, and owner of, is growing his 3D design business after being featured in our free directory.

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8 Things to See and Do at the October 2014 3D Printshow in Paris

Header image for the 2014 3D Printshow Blog post by i.materialise's very own Rebecca Roxy Maas

Located in none other than the international capital of romance and adventure, the 2014 3D Printshow is making its annual debut in Paris from October 17th to October 18th! Located in the Carrousel Du Louvre, one of Paris’ most iconic landmarks, this dynamic 3D printing industry event features some of the brightest names in the industry, including designers like Michaella Janse Van Vuuren, Joshua Harker, Julian Hakes, and Michael Winstone. 3D Printshow has also recently expanded, and now features shows in London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Dubai, Madrid, Mexico, Milan, and a city in California!

The i.materialise outreach team will join a top-ranked list of exhibitors in Paris that include Stratasys, Autodesk, MSC Scanning, and many more. We’ll bring along our Touchable 3D Printed Art Gallery, and welcome all attendees to take #Makerselfies touching real 3D printed artwork!

Read on for eight can’t-miss speakers and exhibits to check out in this one-of-a-kind industry event!

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How to Design and 3D Print Chainmail and Other Interlocking Parts


On recent visits to the 3D Printshow in London and Maker Faire New York, many people asked how we made our 3D printed chainmail samples. This structure looks complex, but is actually shockingly simple to make— and a great newbie design project!

This is also a good example of interlocking or “nested” parts, which are often used for 3D printed jewelry, mechanical structures, and some complex dolls/action figures. It can also be used to make cosplay and LARP costumes or props. Our Materials page has the latest information about which 3D printing materials can handle interlocking parts.

Follow this tutorial, lovingly put together by your Community Manager, to use free 3D design software to make 3D printed chainmail and other interlocking parts. Read on!

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Get Brass Faster than Ever: Faster Lead Times!

The header image for a post announcing lead times of i.materialise's brass material. It features a brass pendant and tyrannosaurus rex.

Brass fans rejoice! Our gold-plated brass now ships out of our 3D printing factory faster than anybody else’s! Our fastest brass lead time is down to only 13 business days.

The new 13 business day lead time is for “natural” brass only, but our “gold-plated” variety has also set a record: it ships out in only 15 business days. This is currently the fastest industry lead time in the industry for gold-plated brass material.

To see an estimated arrival date tailored to your project, start by uploading your design here for free. The free quote is instantly and automatically generated. Read on for details and the latest information on all metal lead times.

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6 Amazing 3D Printed Large Scale Construction Projects

i.materialise automotive 3D printing large parts

Additive manufacturing is often associated with small, high-value, low-volume items. Since the early 1980’s 3D Printing technology has continually challenged the boundaries of what is possible– and how large a 3D printed item can be.

Most 3D designs can be digitally re-sized and printed at a large size, but that is not the main intention of a large-scale 3D print. Groups of architects have set out to make history: they believe that 3D printing can transform the way buildings and monuments are made. They strive to 3D print houses, statues, cars, and furniture. For those of you looking to get started, Trimble Sketchup is a good free 3D design software suited for creating architecture models.

Here are 6 large-scale 3D print projects that are pushing the limits of 3D Printing Technology…

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3D Design & Delights: Animal Inspired 3D Prints


There’s nothing funnier than the human animal. – Walt Disney

 Animals play an important role in the joys of everyday life. During our recent forray to Maker Faire New York, we connected with Makers who shared their lives with a diverse group of animal friends, including cats, dogs, snakes, and parrots! Animals inspire us to care, to imagine new monsters, and to connect with a deeper part of our own human nature.

It’s no surprise that 3D designers look to the animal kingdom for inspiration. In the premiere iteration of 3D Design Delights, we take a look at five designs inspired by animals…

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3D Design Software Lifehacks: Basic 3D Printing Features Every Designer Should Know About

3D printing hacks! Basic tools that make designing and preparing a file for 3D printing easier than ever before. This article features tools and the free 3D design software that has those tools.

There are common software tools that make it easier to 3D print a design— and that all designers should know about. 3D Design software can be categorized according to how it works and is used: “sculpting,” “building,” “scanning,” etc. But a designer’s project needs might overlap, so there are commonly available tools that all designers can use and benefit from: wall thickening, subdivide (i.e. smoothing), symmetry, sculpt, and “boolean”/“hole making.”

These tools aren’t available in every 3D design software package, but just knowing that they exist saves time. Once you know what type of tool you need for a project, you can seek out the design software that has it— just as you would “seek” pizza at a pizza parlor, and sushi at a sushi bar.

Read on for how wall thickening, subdivide (i.e. smoothing), symmetry, sculpt, and “boolean”/“hole making” work— and for free software packages with those features.

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Three Finishing Options, Shorter Lead Time and Improved Detailing: Introducing New Bronze!

Intorducing New Bronze

Bronze is an affordable and strong metal that has been used by mankind since antiquity. But now ours has become ALL NEW. We’re excited to unveil our improved Bronze today, now with three finishing options! And the good news continues: our new Bronze production method – wax 3D Printing and lost-wax casting – makes it possible to 3D Print smaller details with higher accuracy, in a shorter turnaround time. What more could you ask for?
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