Who is … (y)our Community Manager?

new community manager

Dear i.materialise community,

Today is the first day of a new chapter in my life, starting as i.materialise’s new Community Manager. My name is Fabian Backer, I come from Berlin, Germany, I’m 26 years old and I recently graduated with a degree in Business Management from the Louvain School of Management in Belgium. I’ve always been passionate about designing, blogging, social media and communication. My new role as Community Manager at i.materialise now gives me the chance to combine these passions all in one place. Read more…

The 2015 Materialise World Conference: 3D Printing Brought to You


Join us to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Materialise at the World Conference on April 24-25, 2015 in Brussels and Leuven! Come to hear inspiring speakers who will illustrate how 3D printing services and solutions can add value in the realm of 3D printing consumer products. And don’t miss our workshops to see designing in action as our top-notch experts guide you through a creation experience.

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Birdwatchers Beware: Digiscoping Meets 3D Printing!


Day-by-day, digital technologies are becoming more progressive, but no matter how hard companies try, users are constantly looking for more powerful devices to fulfil their needs. Luckily, users’ goals can sometimes be reached by combining two existing devices into one solution. That’s how digiscoping was invented.

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Best Wishes for 2015!

Best Wishes for 2015!

2014 was again a great year for 3D printing, but let’s make 2015 an even greater year! Thank you all for contributing to this wonderful experience.

And to celebrate the New Year, we offer you the following discount: if you order between January 1st and January 15th 2015, you will receive a 15% discount, valid for 15 days, on another upcoming purchase.

Happy to serve you in the New Year!

The i.materialise Team

3D Printing Meets Activism: Rose Thurmes’ CLIMAXX Project


Quite often people associate fashion only with creating fancy and stylish outfits. They tend to forget that fashion is an art form and, as with any art form, it aims at addressing political and social problems by raising awareness and making people reflect on them. For those who do not agree with this perspective of fashion, we would like to show you the CLIMAXX Project by Rose Thurmes.

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See The Holiday Gift Challenge Winners’ 3D Printed Designs!


About a month ago, we announced the two winners of our Holiday Gift Challenge, co-hosted with CGTrader.com, Autodesk 123D and Choc Edge. These two designs – chosen from over 120 entries – are now 3D Printed and ready to be sent to the winners just in time for the holidays. We’re excited to present: Reach the Stars Pendant by Loupgarou and Frozen Ice Bowl by Noah Hornberger!

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Happy Holidays from i.materialise!


In this holiday season, we’d like to say thank you for all of your support that made our progress possible. We wish you a joyful holiday and a new year filled with happiness, success and creativity!

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Place an Order over 250€ and Get a Free Ceramics Candle Holder!


We couldn’t agree more when we hear Andy Williams singing ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’. The Holiday season has arrived and it’s the perfect time to hand out free 3D printed gifts.

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An Intro to (our) 3D Printing Technologies: Stereolithography


Contrary to popular belief, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to 3D printing. Although we offer 17 different materials and over 90 possible color and finish combinations, it takes us several different technologies to get the job done.  In general, 3D printing technologies can be split up into 2 groups: direct and indirect 3D printing. The main difference lies in the fact that the design is made from 3D printing (direct) or 3D printing was used in the process of creating your model (indirect). Let’s kick this series off with stereolithography, mother of all 3D printing technologies and an example of a direct 3D printing technique. 

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Ready, Set, GO! Slot Car Racing at Euromold 2014


The Materialise Slot Car Championship races over to Germany, a country that’s known around the world for its car manufacturing industry, for one last contest. More specifically, we went to Frankfurt for EuroMold, the world’s leading trade fair for design and application development, moldmaking and tooling. Over the course of 2014, Materialise organized a series of slot car races where participants could let their imagination run wild and 3D print their slot cars which they made with a whole range of Additive Manufacturing technologies. What better way to show visitors what’s possible with 3D Printing than racing slot cars while enjoying a beer?

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