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3 New Improvements to PAStereoSummer2014

i.materialise is an online 3D printing service for all people with an eye for design and a head full of ideas. Turn your ideas into 3D printed reality.
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Upload your 3D design and instantly see the price for your models. Choose from a large selection of materials and colors, scale your design(s) to the ideal size, and order as many copies as you want.

  • 17 materials including (precious) metals and ceramics
  • Over 70 combinations of materials and finishes
  • Instant pricing and file fixing
  • Technically skilled advice
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Factory 2.0 for designers

We want you to focus on the creation of designs, made by you, while we do the manufacturing. i.materialise offers a range of value added services that go beyond just printing your designs. See what we can do to support your entrepreneur’s brand.

  • Connect your app to our API
  • Design consultancy
  • Logistics support
  • And more…
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Greetings From Roxy, Your New Community Manager!

Greetings From Roxy, Your New Community Manager!

By Roxy | July 24, 2014

Ever wondered what it is like to skydive without a parachute? That’s how it felt to discover 3D printing, and the road that led me to become i.materialise’s newest community manager. My name is Roxy, first name “Rebecca.” I was born in Germany, raised in the United States, and exist to build things. ...

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5 Skills To Help You Begin 3D Printing Today

5 Skills To Help You Begin 3D Printing Today

By Roxy | July 23, 2014

From an outsider’s perspective, 3D printing can seem difficult. But chances are, you already have the natural skills and resources to get started. And that's good: 3D printing is growing in popularity because it allows individuals to create one-of-a-kind products in a short amount of time--- without heavy production costs. The overall market for 3-D printing products and services recently surpa...

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