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Materials » Steel

Models made in steel are printed in steel powder that is infused with bronze. Steel is the cheapest form of metal printing, very strong and suitable for very large objects.

Material samples

Saw wrench by Pekka Salokannel

Pricing info

The price for Steel is based upon the volume of the model:   

  • Per cm³: $5.00
  • Startup cost: $6.00
  • With a minimum of $16.00
  • Add 5$ for gold plated and black finishes. 
  • Special discount for compact models
  • Non compact models get a penalty

Our pricing scheme is meant to encourage compact models. The more material inside the imaginary box (bounding box) around your model, the bigger your discount becomes for the same model volumeTo know the real (discounted) price, upload your design. 

A model is considered compact when the ratio between model volume and bounding box is 20% or more.

Sparse models,  with a ratio below 7-8%,  might get a penalty as the machine space they  occupy will be decisive in the cost and not the cost of the material, which is directly linked to the model volume. 

The price is first calculated in USD and then converted to EUR for non-US customers.

Typical use

Full Functional parts, spare parts, jewelry.


Steel technology

With steel 3D printing, your part is created by binding together layers of steel powder. Specifically, after a layer of steel powder is spread across the base of a “build box”, a special print head moves back and forth over the layer, and deposits binding agent at specific points, as directed by a computer and your design file. Once the layer is finished and it has been dried via powerful overhead heaters, a new layer of powder is spread, and the process begins again. In this way, layer by layer, from the bottom up, your part is created.

process flow

Once the printing is done, the build box is placed in a curing oven and your part is sintered. The extra powder that was not bound, and is not part of your design, is then removed. At this point, your part is still very fragile. This so called “green state” will be the base of some of the design rules and limitations that follow below. Finally, via the use of a flute system, your design is infused with bronze, which replaces the binding agent. Your part is now solid metal, and after the flutes are manually removed, it is tumbled and polished to produce a smooth finish.

Ships in 12-16 business days

Minimum wall thickness 1 to 3 mm
(depending on dimensions)

Minimum details 0.8 to 1 mm

Maximum size762 x 393 x 393 mm