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Constraining Core Kit for Cubetwist Bandaged 3×3×3

by Carl Hoff

  • Constraining Core Kit for Cubetwist Bandaged 3×3×3
  • Constraining Core Kit for Cubetwist Bandaged 3×3×3
  • Constraining Core Kit for Cubetwist Bandaged 3×3×3


This is an additional component kit, designed for use with the mass produced Cubetwist Bandaged 3x3x3 Kit, available here:



This kit adds the ability to independently exchange Center Pieces. This allows you to fix any /all 6 Center Pieces, and/or add 90° or 180° constraining to any /all 6 Center Pieces.

This kit consists of:

Two replacement cores,

Two X-Centers,

Six 90° Constrained Centers,

Six 180° Constrained Centers.

Note: The original Standard Centre Pieces can still also be used.

A small amount of modification, by sanding, needs to be made to the Corner Piece footings on the Cubetwist puzzle (as seen in the photographs).

Please note: The Cubetwist puzzle needs to be purchased separately, and slightly modified, to make a complete functioning puzzle.

For more information see the Twistypuzzles topic here:



Carl Hoff

Carl Hoff

Welcome to the i.materialize shop of Dr. Carl Hoff. I started publishing twisty puzzle designs back in January 2007 on TwistyPuzzles.com. Up until 2011, all my designs were made in POV-Ray which doesn't allow saving in a format suitable for 3D printing. However after seeing other designers offering 3D printed designs for sale, I've now taught myself some tricks and I'm offering my designs for sale here.

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