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The i.materialise blog keeps you updated about outstanding 3D designs, the newest 3D printing technologies and the best 3D modeling software tutorials.

Your new i.materialise Community Manager

As of today you will be hearing from Joris Peels quite often on this blog.

You might have heard of him before, as he is a well-known conversation partner in the on-line 3D printing community. We are happy to hear that he wanted to join us just a few weeks ago.

We are very glad he now wants to combine his knowledge of community & 3D printing with i.materialise & you.

Joris will be here to make your lives easier, keep you happy and grow our community significantly.

He will be in charge of improving:  our content, our marketing, PR, social media and most importantly in seeing to it that i.materialise is the best place for designers to get their products made.

If you have any suggestions & ideas you can email him at

Welcome to our team, welcome to our community.

Show your true colours : reduced prices during summer

We noticed that 3D printed multicolored models are most appealing to you,
but that users regularly have to compromise between price and color.

This is a pity, certainly now, when more and more 3D software packages are making it the designer easy to add colors or textures to the models, giving it the expression it deserves.

i.materialise is already offering a sharp price for specific architectural and bookend products in multicolor.

Now we are happy to announce that from today till the 30th September we will extend this sharp pricing for multicolor material to all your designs.

Below you find an example of the difference in pricing between the old and new price for this lovely model.

Have fun and color your summer !

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Using Google SketchUp is a child’s play

Using SketchUp is child’s play! It is so intuitive that a child who has never seen Google SketchUp before manages to draw a table with a pot in: just 30 minutes ‘training’ included.

When I started using Google SketchUp mid 2009, I found it so easy that I used to say to everyone that my daughter of 9 years old would be able to design something in SketchUp. Last month, somebody asked me : “why can’t she try it ?”

So I took the challenge and …one evening, after supper, I launched Google SketchUp, called my daughter and showed the basic principles.
After 10 minutes  she took over the mouse, saying she was going to draw a table. 20 minutes later, she didn”t only have a colored table, but she managed to get a pot on the table as well.

To be honest, I was impressed by the speed she got familiar with the tools and her enthusiasm and fun she had during the modeling -the effect of the push-pull tool on her model made her laugh several times somehow-that I promised to 3D pri

Creating 3D printable objects with Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

In April 2010 Adobe released the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. One of the new features of that Photoshop version is the Repoussé, a tool that allows you to create 3D objects extruding texts, selections, paths and layers masks. To celebrate the CS5 release, Adobe 3D printed some souvenirs via i.materialise for the team that developed the Repoussé technology. Nikolai Svakhin, one of the Photoshop Developers, wrote a terrific tutorial on how to create 3D printable objects with Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended.

Adobe Photoshop is the world’s leading graphics editing program. Its extended version basically adds 3D capabilities to the program. One of those exciting new 3D capabilities is called Repoussé.

“Repoussé is a new research system for the interactive enhancement of 2D art with 3D geometry. Repoussé creates a 3D shape by inflating the surface that interpolates the input curves. By using the mean curvature stored at boundary vertices as a degree of freedom, a user is able to ma


i.materialise recently sponsored the price for the Doga CG robot contest in Japan, by 3D printing the winning design.

Hiro, our Japanese colleague, had the chance to meet the winner, Yuunagi – to give his price and to ask him some questions. You can read his answers below, along with some pictures of his 3d printed robot character.

Yuunagi is a 3d model hobbyist active in Computer graphics since 6 years. He creates amazing renders of robot characters.

Hi Yuunagi, Did you enjoy the contest and the award?

“It was a great challenge, open for everyone to participate, also for beginners. Those challenges are a great chance to sharpen your 3D modeling skills. I will participate in the next one for sure.”

What do you think on your 3D printing model?

“I was surprised and excited to win the challenge. It’s amazing to see how my design came alive as a real model. It’s fun to touch it. I heard 3d printing is used a lot in the industry, but it