Using 3D printing to build a better paperclip, the Infinite Clip

We wanted to make something beautiful and fun for Thingiverse. You know how people have tried to build a better mouse trap? We”re trying to build a better paperclip, using 3D printing. The paperclip is a scion of mass production, patented in 1867.  We tried to reimagine this evergreen of manufacturing and would be curious to know what you think.  

The cool thing about the Infinite Clip is that not only can it clip paper but it can also attach to lots of things in lots of different ways. It can serve as a hook and clip onto things in four different directions. The clip is flexible and can be used to hold small things as well as thick things.

You could adapt the design if you want to. By changing the thickness of the design you can make it stronger depending on the tasks at hand.  Need a clip to hang up some clothes? Change the design to make it close much tighter.  Need a bigger clip? Just scale and print another. 

We”ve test 3D printed it in polyamide on an EOS P700 and in ABS on a Stratasys 400MC. It probably won”t print on a Makerbot though because the curves need support (we didn”t try on ours though).   If you”d want we could also see if we can make a Makerbottable version. We”d love to get your feedback,  ideas, suggestions and help on trying to use 3D printing to make a better paperclip.

You can download the file for the Inifite Clip from Thingiverse under a Creative Commons license.

Design and engineering by Artur Tchoukanov