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Featured Designs

Top lamp designs for November 2009

Hello everyone, It’s been almost a month since we launched our beta. During this time, we have been astonished by some of the designs we have received and produced with our “Create your own” functionality. Here are some of the lamp models we produced in November for our customers. In 3rd place is the TulipK lamp. What makes the lamp so unique is the fact it can be unfolded, like a flower opens up. Not even our .MGX lamps do that! Yet :0,,) (more…)

The Creation lamp

And finally the third winner voted by the BlenderArtists community Xander Clerckx coming from Belgium with the Creation lamp shade, and indeed a great design. Just the lampshade without a lamp base looks astonishing. Some of the guys on the team thought it might be a good idea to build it in bronze, but transparency and bronze do not really go together. In the end we settled for polyamide. We had to do some additional adjustments to the model before we could put it into production. Our support handled those in cooperation with Xander, the result is an astonishing lamp with nice shadow effects. (more…)

Cappuccino lamp

A Cappuccino Lampshade by Andres Roppa coming all the way from Uruguay, check out his page @ The lamp was designed in Blender and turned out to be stunning. The design is actually an exploding cappuccino mug. Very original and one of our favorites so far! A great idea materialised. For this particular lampshade we decided to use translucent epoxy because we wanted to give it a brownish look and feel of cappuccino. Translucent Epoxy allowed us to paint the transparent shade with brownish colors making this shade a unique, one of a kind piece of art. The properties of material made it possible to make the shade semi transparent. I previously mentioned that we usually use polyamide as our preferred material for lampshades, but if we were to paint polyamide in brown, all transparency would have been lost. Translucent Epoxy is a more expensive material, and impregnating the printed model with color takes up additional time, but the achieved result is totally w

Clone lamp

We are happy to present the winners of the lamp contest that we started several weeks ago. During the contest we have received a number of great submissions (you can view all of them on our Picasa album) and we are truly happy with the results. We greatly appreciate everyone’s participation, and as a thank you, we decided to make a discount on our service during the BETA starting November 9th. So, if you have a nice design in mind and want it to materialised, it might be just the right time! Once you upload your model the price will be generated automatically for you including the discount. Without further ado here is first winner of the contest: Clone lamp by Irwin Quemener from France. You can check out his website @ This lampshade was built in polyamide, which is a strong and durable material. We usually use polyamide in our .MGX lamp shades because of its durability and strength. (more…)