The 3D printed V House by Gino Lomeli

I designed this house especially for the i.materialise ”World of Houses – SketchUp Challenge”. The V stands for view house.

This house would be primarily situated in Spain, in a place where the home would blend in with its environment, but at the same time be something man made. The site is a mountain top with views of a lake to the front of the home and views to the wilderness to the rear.

A cantilevered pool would extrude toward the lake side of the home reinforcing the connection with it”s surrounding, giving the sense of being inside the lake but at a higher level. The home is a breeze house which means most of all the windows are sliding “nana wall” type glazing.

Giving the home an energy efficient way of keeping it cool, while the green roof also aids in keeping the home cool. The web design around the home helps maintain privacy to a home that is entirely shielded by glass.

— Gino Lomeli

Gino”s dream house was designed using Google Sketchup and the i.materialise architectural model 3D printing plug in for Sketchup and 3D printed in multicolor composite using Zcorp 3D printers. A house sized 23 by 15 by 15 centimeter would cost you 297 Euro ($407).