Hugo Arcier”s Mutation 1, 3D printed Ikea hack sculpture

We”re thrilled that we 3D printed Hugo Arcier”s Mutation 1. This is a limited edition sculpture consisting of 15 pieces. The work is meant to fit in an Ikea Expedit bookcase.

Hugo is a French artist who originally got started in doing special effect for feature films working for such directors as Roman Polanski and Francois Ozon. He began working in 3D animation and graphics and expanded into 3D printing. His work skirts both science and art and he is most interested in exploring new technologies to create new art. We asked Hugo some questions about his work.

Joris Peels: Was Mutation 1 meant to be an Ikea hack?

Hugo Arcier: Yes it was part of the idea from the beginning. I thought it was funny to have a luxury, and limited edition objet made for Ikea which is known for low prices and very big production. And I love the hacking culture. Nevertheless the object also works well alone as a sculpture.

Joris Peels: Why did you design this?

Hugo Arcier: My work is often inspired by disease like my series called “degeneration”. It is a dark way to see it but the object is like a cancer that grows on another object and modifies it. This is why it is called Mutation. I choose a “wireframe” shape because it is something iconic of 3d culture. When you look at the object there is something really unreal. It defies gravity and the look totally changes from the angle you look at it. It is like something virtual but in the real world.

 Joris Peels: Are you happy with your object?

Hugo Arcier: Yes. Sometimes you can be disappointed when you do an object but this time it was exactly like I imagined and even better. It was a great joy when I saw it the first time. The only flaw is that it is a little fragile; you have to take care of it when you handle it. The finishing with the black matte is perfect.

Selfportrait by Hugo Arcier, Self Portrait with Spheres, 2008.

The Mutation 1 sculpture is 334,7 x 334,8 x 368,9 mm and has been made in Rigid Epoxy with Black Matte Paint. You can purchase one directly for Hugo”s website here for 1400 Euro.

Images of the Mutation 1, copyright Sarah Zhiri. Hugo Arcier Self portrait copyright Hugo Arcier.