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i.materialise at TEDxKids 3D printing for ten year olds

On June 1st i.materialise participated at TedxKids Brussels. This event brought together people as diverse as Walter Bender (of Sugar Labs), Maarten Lens Fitzgerald (the Founder of Layar), Mark Frauenfelder (Editor of Make Magazine and Boing Boing), Mark Surman (of the Mozilla Foudation), Gever Tully (of the impecably awesome Tinkering School), the great team of Technology Will Save Us and more inspiring and wonderful people. Also in the mix were Franky and I on behalf of i.materialise. One part of the day was to give a TED style presentation to a group of 450 adults.  

The “TED style presentation” was daunting enough. I mean you”re standing on the same red dot as that mind blowing guy with the windmills. At the same time it does not help that all the other speakers have clearly done this kind of thing before and that everything is being recorded and simulcast. All I wanted was one crappy speaker so that I”d look good. Alas, the presentations were all informative

The Year of 2010 in 3D Printing: An Overview

To my abject horror there was no “year in review” for 3D printing. I decided to right this wrong and produce this one. I’ve tried to be as unbiased and inclusive as possible. If I’ve missed something, feel free to point it out in the comments and I’ll add it. 2010 was a miraculous year in 3D printing. Thousands of people have bought and made RepRaps and Makerbots en tens of thousands use 3D printing services such as i.materialise to 3D print their own creations. (more…)


Earlier this week The New York Times published a nice article called ‘3-D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution’. Although the article is getting a lot of attention, it only shows you a glimpse of what 3D printing can actually do. If you feel like discovering a whole lot more, you should visit the FABRICATION LABORATORY in Barcelona and experience all the 3D digital manufacturing technologies up close.

Fabrication Laboratory. New scenarios for 3D design and production is a series of events that are held at the Disseny Hub Barcelona ( from 15 June 2010 to 29 May 2011. With FABRICATION LABORATORY the DHUB presents an overview of the new 3D digital manufacturing technologies, a phenomenon that’s constantly evolving and leading to radical changes in design and production processes worldwide. The idea of the DHUB is to show the reflection on how these machines and software allow a new kind of fabrication that involves a different way of designing and programming.

Patrick Jouin: La substance du design

From February 17 until May 24, 2010, the Centre Pompidou in Paris will present a retrospective of the work of Patrick Jouin. The retrospective includes the Solid Collection and the One_Shot.MGX collapsable stool, produced via revolutionary .MGX 3D printing techniques.

In addition, Patrick Jouin”s latest creation with .MGX will be unveiled. Inspired by both the One_Shot.MGX stool and flower blossoms found in nature, his new lamp features a shade which collapses and expands to release or contain light. As with the One_Shot.MGX, the shade is printed as a single piece, including hinges that in one simple movement, transform the shade from a bud to a blossom.



Last night, the official opening of Parallellepipeda took place at the new M museum in Leuven, Belgium. What happens when art and science meet? That was the point of departure when the Parallellepipeda research project was setup in 2007. For three years, eminent artists and scientists from K.U. Leuven and elsewhere opened their worlds to one another and discovered unknown worlds of inspiration. The results of all this can now be seen in the Parallellepipeda exhibition. (more…)

Brussels Girl Geek Dinner #19

Last week, our colleagues at .MGX hosted the 19th edition of the Brussels Girl Geek Dinner. Girl Geek Dinners are events for females who class themselves as girly and geeky. Girl Geeks have a keen interest in technology and enjoy the networking aspect of the events, which are always light hearted and fun. You can read all about past and present Girl Geek Dinners on their official blog. The topic of the #BGGD19 (as referred to on Twitter) was ”How to grow design by using 3D technology”.


i.materialise first week in media

We would like to say thanks to several internet websites and resources that published our news during the first days of our beta launch. Matt @ No-retro blog with his comprehensive first review of our service. Bre @ Thingiverse with our press release on his blog. We have also shared some of our models with the thingiverse community. You can check out our models here. Duann @ Ponoko for posting our press release there. Franco @ RhinoJungle for posting a blog post about our Rhino plugin. And MilkOrSugar team for a review of our service on their website. Thanks guys. i.materialise team