Earlier this week The New York Times published a nice article called ‘3-D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution’. Although the article is getting a lot of attention, it only shows you a glimpse of what 3D printing can actually do. If you feel like discovering a whole lot more, you should visit the FABRICATION LABORATORY in Barcelona and experience all the 3D digital manufacturing technologies up close.

Fabrication Laboratory. New scenarios for 3D design and production is a series of events that are held at the Disseny Hub Barcelona (www.dhub-bcn.cat) from 15 June 2010 to 29 May 2011. With FABRICATION LABORATORY the DHUB presents an overview of the new 3D digital manufacturing technologies, a phenomenon that’s constantly evolving and leading to radical changes in design and production processes worldwide. The idea of the DHUB is to show the reflection on how these machines and software allow a new kind of fabrication that involves a different way of designing and programming.

The main exhibition FULL PRINT3D introduces additive manufacturing systems and presents a series of projects that show the design implications when using this kind of production. Research projects in various fields, such as the creation of human tissue and prototype bone prostheses, food printing, fabric and furniture printing and the development of robotics technology to print concrete building structures demonstrate the versatility of 3D printing. They all show how the technology is launching a new era in our everyday lives.

The Spanish production company, Nueve Ojos, produced and directed an amazing short animation for the exhibition. They will have you look at the past, present and future of manufacturing. Sit back and enjoy this wonderful movie.

FABRICATION LABORATORY is produced by the Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHUB). The DHUB is a combination of a museum, a centre and a laboratory intended to promote a fuller understanding and better use of design.