We’re Set to Premiere New Multicolor Gloss Material and Free Software Talk at the London 3D Printshow!

i.materialise will attend the 2014 3D Printshow in London! Rebecca Roxy Maas will give two presentations, and we will have freebies on-hand!

London’s calling, and the i.materialise team is set to attend the 2014 London 3D Printshow starting on September 04, 2014!

Our Community Manager will give two talks, and our outreach team is bringing along a hoard of 3D printed goodies for our booth (Booth D2.) Our two talks are:

More importantly, we are all set to reveal our radiant new material at our booth: Multicolor Gloss.

Read on for directions, details, and more information about the goodies we’re bringing along.

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Announcing Our 10% Student Discount!

Architecture Students by AlbertHerring

Calling all students!

i.materialise is now offering a 10% Student Discount for all students who qualify.

Read on for details, and for inspirational 3D design projects created by students!

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Design a Part of Anouk Wipprecht x Polaire’s Open Source Dress!

Anouk Wipprecht + Polaire + Martin Svododa Dress Challenge

One of our favorite designers, Anouk Wipprecht is starting this cool new collaborative project that we at Materialise are really thrilled to tell you about. We already absolutely love her “Smoke Dress” and Cirque du Soleil pieces that she’s printed with Materialise, and are excited to see the final result of her next project: an open source dress that will be made by parts designed by YOU.

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Introducing Our New Multicolor Gloss Material!

Multicolor Gloss from i.materialise Article Header

Good news for fans of multicolor, that sturdy sandstone material that comes out of the printer in vibrant colors!

This material is now available in a glossy, bright new finish that gives your print a smoother, more polished look. It can intensify dark or vibrant colors, diminish the appearance of print lines, and photograph in a similar way to cold-cast polymer resin.

Read on for details.

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New to 3D Printing?: 8 Basic Facts


In honor of our upcoming “October 2014 3D Print Meet-up” in Belgium, we’ve compiled a list of beginner-friendly, interesting facts about 3D printing!


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Danny van Ryswyk’s Dark Wonderland: Master Artist Shares How He Hand-Paints Polyamide 3D Prints

Design and Photo by Danny van Ryswyk. The 3D sculpture is called "White Rabbit."

Every so often, an artist comes along who pushes the boundaries of what we believe is possible. Danny van Ryswyk is an acclaimed Amsterdam-based digital painter and sculptor who creates surreal, paranormal sculptures using 3D CAD (computer assisted design) sculpting software and hand-painting techniques. His sculptures and two-dimensional render-based paintings join childlike fantasy with the macabre and fantastical world of nightmares. His work is dark, brooding, and admired all over the world.

His sculptures are 3D paintings, instantly recognizable by their smooth surface, dark colors, and minute level of detail.

Ryswyk sat down with us for an interview about his sculpting and painting techniques, as well as the ideas and symbolism that compel him to create his haunting artwork.

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Come to our October 2014 3D Printing Meet-up in Belgium!

Come to our 2014 October 10 Meetup in Leuven, Belgium! It's in our Belgian headquarters.

Want to learn about 3D printing and connect with other designers? Then come join our upcoming meet-up at our Belgium headquarters! The meeting is in Leuven, Belgium office on October 10, 2014 at 14.00-18.00 GMT +1 (Belgian time).

Sign up for this free event here.

Read on for directions and more info!

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3D Printing and Public Education Join Forces to Create Tactile Learning Objects for Students With Total or Partial Blindness

Tactile Learning Banner

Could 3D printing launch a revolution for 285 million people with total or partial blindness? Many of us learn by visually browsing thousands of texts, images, and videos. Until recently, hundreds of millions of people with total or partial blindness could not access most of this information. They relied on slow-moving braille translations, a situation that noticeably improved with the launch of the internet and its accessibility tools (i.e. text-to-speech software.) The internet created a revolution, and another one is already underway: 3D printed “tactile learning” objects.

3D printing can quickly turn 2D images into textured 3D images that people can touch and learn from. We spoke with  University of Texas at El Paso  biologist Dr. Michael A. Kolitsky to discuss how 3D printing is changing education, and how it will make new educational opportunities accessible to students with special needs.

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The Printable 3D Design Checklist: Common Design Flaws and How to Fix Them

Fernando Ribeiro

As many as 50% of online 3D designs posted online are unprintable. Is yours one of them?

Thankfully, reliable printing services (including our team at i.materialise) do not charge users for rejections. If your service does, they might be overcharging you.

To fix an unprintable 3D design, you can hire an expert or fix it yourself. Fixing your own design saves money, and can be surprisingly simple. Read on for our handy “Printable 3D Design Checklist, which features detailed information about the most common 3D printed design flaws— and how to fix them.

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