10 Stunning Steel 3D Prints

One of the most popular 3D printed metals is steel. And by steel we mean real steel, not just metallic plastic. Thanks to Indirect Metal Printing we can print all kinds of functional parts, jewelry items, or gadgets with the use of steel powder and bronze infusion. Since this is the cheapest form of metal printing currently available, we thought it was time to pay attention to some of the outstanding designs we received from our community. Take a look at 10 of the coolest steel objects we created with our 3D printers lately.

1: Bracelet ‘Bricks’ by 3DSVP

We are kicking off this list with a simple yet beautiful jewelry item. This cubic bracelet was designed by 3DSVP and incorporates both the strength and roughness of steel as well as the details and precision of 3D printing.


2: Key Chain ‘Mjolnir’ by Little Things

Next in line is a 3D printed key chain: Mjolnir, better known as Thor’s hammer from Norse mythology, is the perfect item for a great steel print. Rather than our other precious metals (like gold, silver, brass, bronze, etc.) steel items look and feel somewhat more intense and tough. That’s why this hammer key chain by Little Things just looks so awesome.


3: Watch ‘F’ by Pinar Timur

Pinar Timur surprised us with another cool idea: he printed this watch body in steel. The circular case around it was also 3D printed – with our titanium option.


4: Pendant ‘Tree Ring’ by Little Things

Yet another stunning piece of jewelry: Little Things have created this simple but beautiful circular designed pendant in steel. The artistic detailing on the front represents the concentric rings that you would find in the cross-section of a tree.


5: Steampunk Dice by Seth Alexander

Seth Alexander creates truly uniquely dice in 3D printed steel. His designs are inspired by steampunk themes and are simply perfect for any kind of fantasy board game. Once again the mix of the raw steel look and a high amount of details leads to the perfect result.


6: Door Handle ‘A Machine’s Perception Lever’ by Alexander Pelikan

It’s about time to scale it up a bit because 3D printed parts in steel can be quite big: the maximum printing size is 762 x 393 x 393 mm. Alexander Pelikan printed this entire door handle in steel. He explains the idea behind this print as follows: “This handle exploits the idea that the design is translated through the mind of a computer into a complex web of steel, built up layer by layer in a 3D printing process.”


7: Door Handle ‘Dragon’ by Kai Bracher

Kai Bracher printed another stunning door handle with us. His steel design comes in the shape of a beautifully detailed dragon.


8: Bottle Opener ‘Eagle Head’ by Andrew Martin

This truly unique object was designed by Andrew Martin. The bottle opener is both artistic and functional. Next time you need to open a bottle of your favorite drink use this and I’m sure your guests will be intrigued.


9: Braclet ‘Polygons’ by Eike Schling

From the organic shapes of dragons and chimpanzees we’re back to geometric patterns: Eike Schling created the Polygon bracelet by “starting with little dots, which turn to lines and triangles, then quads, pentagons, hexagons and further, until they become circles (the polygon with infinite corners).” The result: a bracelet that is delicate and robust at the same time.


10: Bottle Opener ‘Cuttlefish’ by Bathsheba Grossman

When talking about 3D printed steel, there is no way you would forget to talk about Bathsheba Grossman! This talented designer created several stunning steel prints and this one is one of our favorites: a cuttlefish that opens beers!


If you want to learn more about the technology behind steel 3D printing, take a look at this page where we explain how Indirect Metal Printing works. If you have a 3D model that you want to send to our industrial 3D printers, simply upload it here for an instant price quote.