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Materials » Alumide

Alumide models are constructed from a blend of gray aluminum powder and polyamide, a very fine granular powder. Alumide is a strong, somewhat rigid material that can take small impacts and resist some pressure while being bent. The surface has a sandy, granular look and is slightly porous.

Material samples

By courtesy of Howest Campus Kortrijk, Digital Arts & Entertainment, Tibo Van Schuylenbergh

Pricing info

The price is directly related with the volume of the imaginary box around the model to print.

Typical use

Alumide can be used for complex models, concept models, small series of models (several copies of a model), and functional models. It is suitable for models that need more stiffness than polyamide models or that require an aluminum look.


Selective laser sintering is used to build your design with this material. The models are printed layer by layer by a laser that draws thin lines in the powder, which melts and bonds it together in order to form a thin layer of the model. After a layer is printed, a new layer of fresh powder is spread over the surface by a roller. The printer has a print chamber that is heated to just below the melting point of the powder; the laser beam adds the extra energy to melt the powder, forming a solid model. After a print job is finished, the result is a big block of heated powder with the printed models contained inside.

Additional information

  • Alumide is a material that is perfect for beginning-designers who want a well-priced model, a maximum freedom of creation, and who don’t want to be bothered with the limitations of the printing process.

Ships in 8-13 business days

Minimum wall thickness 1 mm

Minimum details 0.4 to 0.5 mm

Maximum size 310 x 310 x 400 mm