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3D printing meets Vintage

3D printing is starting a new industrial revolution. But does that mean we have to throw away all the rest? Not at all. Quentin de Coster, a Design student from Brussels, created a wonderful design by making a perfect blend between 3D printing and vintage.

Every year the Belgian non-profit organisation Petits Riens/Spullenhulp organizes a massive fashion and design show. Big Belgian names like Delvaux, (Edouard Vermeulen) Natan, Dirk Wynants, Elvis Pompilio and a bunch of young Belgian talents are challenged to design new creations out of recycled materials and clothes. After the show people can bid for two hours on the items while they are being displayed on big screens.

Quentin de Coster was one of the designers and started thinking how to reuse objects with new techniques. He used 3D printing to design special handle for an umbrella. de Coster: “I designed the umbrella Branch as an open invitation to share it with other people. When you’re walking in the rain with a friend

Summer ends in beauty: Lower prices for jewelry in polyamide and resin

Our Belgian summer is coming to an end and we’re very happy to say that prices of jewelry in Polyamide and resin dropped.

Take a look at our special gallery category Summer ends in beauty to check out all the nice designs.
To give you a few examples; these chandelier earrings, both made by Unellenu in white polyamide, now only costs 21.09 euro instead of 28.9 . Isn’t that great?


Why not match it with this nice looking necklace? The price dropped from 90 euro to just 41.39 euro.

Or you want some more color in your life? No problem. Michaella Janse van Vuuren  made this nice coryl polyp pendant that now costs only 16.55 euro instead of 28.9.

Have fun shopping!




Iris Van Herpen: taking her dresses a level higher

‘Could a dress create the impression that it is moving by itself or make the viewer believe that it is making the wearer compelling to walk’, is in short a description used by fashion journalist Jean Paul Cauvin about Van Herpen her dresses. It illustrates perfectly her groundbreaking innovations and experimental designs. As she says herself ‘couture  represents the future of fashion’, her collections are living it to the fullest.

Iris Van Herpen, not just another 27-year young Dutch woman, is putting the fashion industry upside down with her designs. She is not a promising talent. She is a talent. We’ve blogged about her before but she keeps amazing us every day. Her dresses from her latest collection Hybrid Holism are one by one true pieces of art and clever design.


In 2008 she started off with her collections Chemical Crows for which she used children’s umbrella’s, industrial boat yarns, leather, metal chaines and so on. A few collections later she discovered 3D prin