Prime Gray for your smooth, detailed designs!

We’ve had so much compliments about this material that we couldn’t wait any longer to feature Prime Gray in our Material Monday!

We’ve seen so many nice designs since we introducced the material in June 2011. The freedom of design is limited (due to the support structure during printing), so most people use it for decorative models, prototypes, character models and scaled train or tram models.


Design by David Colacioppo.


A pretty dangerous robot by Will du Toit.

Another character by Will du Toit.

Or what do you think about these cute helmets, designed by MinificCustomsIn3d?

Customized helmets by MinificCustomsIn3d.

The thing we love about the designs we see is not only the designs but also the way people finish their models. A lot of community members love to paint the designs, like this model from Sven-Åke Grufstedt. But make sure to check out other painted designs from Guido Mandorf or Volkmar Meier to name some.

Prime gray costs 1,55€ per cubic centimeter (plus a 5€ handling cost per model). For each extra copy of your model you order, the handlingcost gradually drops from 5€ to 2,5€ per model. After 5 parts you reach a price of 2,5€ .

George by Matt Bagshaw.

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