Anyone in the mood for some colored polyamide?

At i.materialise we all love the polyamide material. We love it so much that we couldn’t wait any longer to give it some extra colors, four extra colors to be exact. From now on you can get your models dyed in red, blue, gray and black. Do you prefer to spray paint them? No problem, we can do that for you in either black or white as well.

The dyed polyamide samples in white, gray, blue, black and red

So what are the facts? First of all, you’ll find that the color pigment infiltrates your models when we dye it. This makes it more difficult to scratch the paint away which is something that is easier to do when you spray paint it. It’s also important to know that we offer this service for models that are within the following dimensions: 150x150x150mm.

As for the price, we start off with your standard natural white polyamide price and add an additional 0,25€ per cm3 on top of it + a startup of 1€ per type of model.

Are you curious about the way it looks? Here are some examples of what some of our designs that were dyed in our available colors.

The Krizant by designer Michaella Janse van Vuuren dyed in our available colors

The Tendril earrings by design Dan Yeffet also dyed in our available colors

The clover flower by designer Michaella Janse van Vuuren in dyed polyamide. Note that the one furthest to the left is in alumide and not dyed polyamide.

Is this what you were waiting for? Finally some color for that awesome design that you had in mind? Don’t hesitate a second longer and start bringing it into your creations! We’ll be here ready to help you bring your colored awesomeness to life.

And if you need help on how to get started with polyamide…  No worries, the most important tips & tricks on working with the material can be found right here.