5 Things You Can 3D Print in Multicolor+

The new Multicolor+ has stolen our hearts from the moment it was launched a few weeks ago.

Being able to 3D print your models in full color is so exciting that we can’t wait to explain all the possibilities of this material.

3d printing in multicolor plus

Shark by Microsoft 3D Builder in Multicolor+

Read this article to learn more about how the technology works and the design guidelines you should follow to get the perfect Multicolor+ prints.


Now that you know how to make the most of your Multicolor+ 3D prints, let’s have a look at all the possibilities!

Get inspired by these creative ideas for 3D printing in Multicolor+.

  1. Figurines

With Multicolor+, it is possible to print avatars of your favorite characters or make all your ideas for a character come true.

Not only the colors will be brighter but the details of your 3D design will translate to the 3D print perfectly. With the new Multicolor+ it’s possible to print thinner parts to make your figurines as detailed as you want.

Multicolor + 3D printing

That Darn Cat by Matt Bagshaw in Multicolor+


Piguin by Bert de Niel

  1. Architectural models

An image is worth a thousand words, especially if the image is 3D-printed in Multicolor+! Full-color 3D printing is the perfect option for making visual architectural models.

This new technology will make the models rich in details and will give an accurate idea of the real colors that could be used. The material is also strong and lightweight at the same time.


Multicolor+ is perfect for architectural scale models. Sydney Opera House

  1. 3D scans

Do you want to 3D print a bust of yourself or your loved ones? Once you have the 3D scan as a 3D file which is ready to print, Multicolor+ is the best option to accurately recreate human features. Read our design guides carefully to understand how color information works and how you can obtain the perfect colors for your 3D prints.

Who would you like to scan and 3D print in Multicolor+?

You can even get a 3D model of your pets!

3D Scanning Multicolor+

You can 3D print your scans in Multicolor+

  1. Necklaces and chains

With the new Multicolor+ it is possible to 3D print interlocking parts. This opens a world of possibilities for your designs. Necklaces, chains, chainmail textures, etc. are possible in full color.

  1. Everything you can imagine

Considering the new features of Multicolor+, 3D printing in full color has endless possibilities!

The technology for Multicolor+ offers more freedom of design for 3D printing. Support structures aren’t necessary and thinner parts are possible. Surfaces have better quality and prints can be more detailed. And you can print in 10 million different colors! Just think of something colorful and try it out on Multicolor+.

Multicolor+ Designs

Multicolor+ has all the colors for your 3D prints

Once your 3D files are ready to print, upload them to our online platform to make sure that the color information is correct. If you don’t see color on the preview of your design,head to our design guides page h to understand how the color information of your 3D files works.

What would you like to print in Multicolor+?

How do you like the results of your 3D prints in this trial material? Let us know here!