Frederico Diaz is a gift artist and designer and his newest work Geometric Death Frequency is simply astounding. It will be made up of 420,000 black spheres and completely assembled by machine not touched by human hands. This installation for the MASS MoCA is based on a photograph, “by the artist, which the artist then transforms into pure data, and modulates using analytical and fluid dynamic modeling techniques, finally rendering the data stream into a three-dimensional sculpture using state-of-the-art computer-aided manufacturing methodologies. The new work thus combines elements of photographic manipulation, data analysis, and computer programming, utilizing new techniques to produce a sculpture completely untouched by human hands.” There is much more on DesignBoom.

Frederico Diaz, has another exhibition on right now for the EXPO Shanghai. With lacrimAU he lets visitors enter a glass chamber and then with a pipette collect their own unique fragrance capturing their unique encounter with a large gold teardrop. Believe it or not, the video is below.

I’m very impressed and blown away by Mr. Diaz’s work and mad at myself that it too me so long to discover him.