Surprise Your Loved One For Valentine’s Day: 10% Off On Custom 3D-Printed Jewelry

As we are approaching February, many of us start to think about celebrating love and surprising our better halves with a special gift. While a box of chocolate and flowers never go out of fashion, maybe this year you would like to express your feelings in a unique way that will charm your loved one.

We might have just the perfect idea for you!

As the popularity of 3D printing continues to expand, more and more people create personalized objects made from different materials, like plastic or metal. Created as your custom-made design and made of long-lasting elements like gold, silver, or steel, a 3D-printed gift might be the coolest present ever for your soulmate.

To join the celebration of love, we have a special Valentine’s Day offer! Starting from today, January 13thuntil the 14th of February (incl.), we offer an exclusive 10% discount by applying the promo code FromImatWithLove2021 while ordering all 3D prints made of precious metals,

standard metals, 

and Multicolor+.

Now, let’s look at some 3D-printed jewelry examples that you can use as inspiration for your design…


Our gold comes with a high gloss finish, and you have the option to choose between 14 and 18 karats in three different color finishes: yellow, white, or red gold.

3D-printed gold rings in nature inspired shapes designed by Blueberries

These beautiful rings are 3D printed in gold based on nature-inspired shapes (design by Blueberries)



The most popular choice for jewelry designers tends to be Sterling Silver, which is offered in several finishes, starting from gloss, high-gloss, satin, sandblasted method, and antique look.

3D-printed silver high gloss gridlock earrings, designed by SUUZ

Thanks to 3D printing you can create intricate details like in these earrings by SUUZ



Bronze is an alloy that consists primarily of copper and it’s quite an affordable material. By nature, bronze has a somewhat reddish-yellow color.

Grid ring in natural bronze with PU coating designed by Simply Bu

A grid ring in bronze has a modern and sleek look (design by Simply Bu)



Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc. This material looks great and comes at a low price, just two of the good reasons why we love 3D printing in brass.

Statement ring printed in 3D untreated brass

This statement piece won’t leave anyone indifferent (design by Designeradesigns)



Steel is a robust metal, printed in steel powder and infused with bronze. It’s available in a variety of polished and unpolished finishes.

3D-printed stainless-steel ring with a secret ‘I love you’ message, designed by Roberto Trentin

Nothing says more ‘I love you’ than the embrace of two hearts in this design by Roberto Trentin


3D printing gives you endless possibilities, so let your imagination run wild! Whatever idea you want to design, our 3D technology will make it precisely as you envisioned it — to the smallest intricate detail.

Once you have your design ready, all you need to do is upload the 3D file here, apply the following promo code FromImatWithLove2021 and get an instant quote for your professional print.

If you’d like to receive your order before Valentine’s Day, please refer to the lead times that differ for each material. In case you don’t receive your unique piece before Valentine’s Day, don’t stress! We are sure your partner will love this gift no matter the date because it is timeless and extraordinary. Besides, we should celebrate love every day, right?

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