Just Brass! Introducing Our New Untreated Brass

Brass is an all-time favorite in our metal assortment for 3D printing and it can be finished in so many ways that it is the perfect material to unleash your creativity.

Due to popular demand, we wanted to make brass even more affordable and give makers and beginners the opportunity to access this wonderful material. From today onwards, we offer our brass in its original state: Untreated Brass.


Left: Natural Brass with PU coating. Right: Untreated Brass. Decision Spintop by Michael Mueller

This new basic brass gives you the opportunity to print your creations in “just brass”, without polishing, coating or plating. This option will be added to the wide range of existing finishes for brass and it brings many advantages.

  • Great vintage look

With untreated brass, you can get a vintage look for your jewelry or other 3D printing creations, as it will oxidize over time. The color in its oxidized state can range from brownish to green to almost black. If this is not the effect you are going for, you may want to PU coat your piece to delay the oxidization process.

  • Better surface details

Untreated brass models don’t go through post-processing, which means recessed surface areas maintain better quality. This is perfect for small details on your jewelry or miniatures!

Print lines may be a bit more visible than with our post-processed brass alternatives, so you may want to polish it afterwards.

  • More affordable

This is the most economical option for your 3D prints in brass. The lack of coating or plating makes it the best alternative for 3D prints on a budget, for beginners pushing their creative limits or for test prints with jewelry designs.


Left: Natural PU-Coated Brass. Right: Untreated Brass. Skull ring by Claude Saos

Brass, the first stop for precious metals

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is well-known for being a versatile material with a good level of detail. Commonly used for jewelry, small sculptures and miniatures, brass has the shine of gold at a better price!

Technology and design guides for brass

Brass is 3D printed following a process of wax 3D printing and lost-wax casting. Models are printed with a type of Stereolithography that uses a wax-like resin. Learn more about the 3D printing process behind brass on our website.


Wax 3D printing and lost wax casting are used to 3D print in brass.

Before designing for 3D printing in brass, read the design guides of the material carefully to learn all about wall thickness, sizes, hollow models, etc. and to obtain the perfect 3D prints in brass.

Other finishes available for brass

Our new Untreated Brass is the most basic option for your 3D prints in brass, but we offer many different high-end finishes:

Natural PU-Coated Brass

Don’t confuse this with our new Untreated Brass. Natural Brass is PU coated, giving the models a smoother and matte finish, but Untreated Brass doesn’t undergo any treatment and will have a shinier, more detailed surface.


Greedy Fish by Michael Mueller in 3D printed natural PU coated brass

Yellow Gold-Plated Polish

We apply a thin layer of 18K yellow gold plating to your brass model and an extra coat of PU for protection.

Gold plated brass 3D print of the 'Frog Ring' by Peter Donders.

Gold plated brass 3D print of the ‘Frog Ring’ by Peter Donders.

Red Gold-Plated Polish

For this finish, a thin layer of 18K red gold plating is applied to the model, as well as an extra coat of PU for protection.


Ice Cream Pendant by Bert de Niel in Red Gold Plated Brass

Ice Cream Pendant by Bert de Niel in Red Gold Plated Brass


Black Color-Plated Polish

Your brass models can also be finished with an edgy and elegant black finish. Read how it works on our website.

Piguin by Bert de Niel in Black Color Plated Brass

Piguin by Bert de Niel in Black Color Plated Brass

Chrome-Plated Polish

A good option for car parts and tools. Your brass models are finished with a chrome layer that makes them harder and provides some resistance against corrosion. The finish also has a very elegant aesthetic.


Piguin by Bert de Niel, 3D Printed in Chrome Plated Polished Brass


Rhodium-Plated Polish

Applying a thin layer of rhodium to the brass model prevents it from getting scratched or tarnished. The color of the finish has a cold, white tone.

Bloom by Blueberries

Bloom by Blueberries, 3D Printed in Rhodium-Plated Polished Brass

As you can see, brass is the material to go for basic jewelry prints. If what you want is brass in all its simplicity, 3D print your models in our new Untreated Brass.

Upload your models to our 3D printing platform, choose your material and finish and get an instant quote and shipping date for your 3D prints in Untreated Brass.