Summer of Surprises – Week Five: 5% High Detail Stainless Steel Discount

The i.materialise summer of surprises is now in its fifth week! Every week in July and August we will announce new enhancements, price drops, discounts and coupons that will save you money. This week’s surprise: 5% off high detail stainless steel 3D prints!


Earlier this month we announced a permanent big price drop for 3D-printed titanium parts and three great news about Polyamide.

This week we have another surprise for you: You can now save 5% on each and every high detail stainless steel 3D print! From today until next Monday (August 8th), we offer a 5% discount on 3D-printed high detail stainless steel parts with the promo code ‘5HDSTEEL’. Simply use this discount code during your checkout process.

High detail stainless steel delivers a significant level of detail and strength to your model, making it suitable for board game pieces, miniatures, key chains, jewelry, bolts and much more.


Sophie (based on a 3D scan, satin finish). 3D printed in high details stainless steel.

Aislin by Yarrid Henrard 3D printed in high details stainless steel

Aislin by Yarrid Henrard. 3D printed in high details stainless steel.

To benefit from our 5% discount, upload your 3D models now and start saving with promo code ‘5HDSTEEL’.


Stay tuned for more announcements throughout this summer! We will announce new deals and promos every week. Subscribe here to never miss out on a single update or discount!