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This high-grade stainless steel (316L) delivers a significant level of detail and strength to your model, making it suitable for board game pieces, miniatures, key chains, jewelry, bolts and much more.
Ships as of 12 business days

Design Specifications

Minimum Wall Thickness
0.3 mm
Minimum Details
0.1 mm
Maximum Size
45 x 45 x 45 mm
Interlocking or Enclosed Parts?

Typical Use

High Detail Stainless Steel can be used for small robust and decorative models like coins, medals, statues, freshly made artifacts.


CeramicJet printing

The technology prints your model by binding together layers of ultra-fine grains of stainless steel powder in a precision inkjet printer. Specifically, after a layer of stainless steel powder is spread across the base of a “build box”, a special print head moves back and forth over the layer, and deposits binding agent at specific points, as directed by a computer and your design file. Once the layer is finished and it has been dried via powerful overhead heaters, a new layer of powder is spread, and the process begins again. In this way, layer by layer, from the bottom up, your part is created.

Once the printing is done, your model is carefully taken out and the extra powder that was not bound, and is not part of your design, is then removed. At this point, your part is still very fragile. This so-called “green state” will be the base of some of the design rules and limitations that are mentioned in our design guide. Your part is now sintered in an oven at 1300°C. This can either be done in sand or on a ceramic plate. The sand is most used because it’s suited for designs which are irregular and don’t have a flat base. The ceramic plate is more used for technical pieces with a flat base.

After the cool down process, the model is put into a mechanical polishing machine and shipped to you.

Sample Kit

Learning about our materials is one thing, seeing and touching them another. That's why we've designed sample kits based on our Periodic Table of Materials.

High Detail Stainless Steel Matt

High Detail Stainless Steel – Matt Sample Kit

Includes a matt High Detail Stainless Steel sample.

$ 13.00

High Detail Stainless Steel Satin

High Detail Stainless Steel – Satin Sample Kit

Includes a satin High Detail Stainless Steel sample.

$ 16.00

High Detail Stainless Steel Gloss

High Detail Stainless Steel – Gloss Sample Kit

Includes a gloss High Detail Stainless Steel sample.

$ 16.00
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