Our lasers are cutting your prices in half

Are you the type of designer that likes to work in small sizes and large numbers? Or maybe a student that wants to try out 3D printing on a smaller scale? Then you’re at the right place, at the right time because we’ve just launched a new temporary pricing model for pieces that undergo laser sintering (This affects the polyamide and alumide materials).

So what are the facts?

  • For any design that fits within a bounding box of 125cm3, you will always pay a standard price of 12 euros
  • If you decide to 3D print multiples of that same design, you simply add 4 euros per copy on top of the start-up price of 12 euros (this means that if you want your design 3D printed four times, you’ll pay the following: 12+4+4+4=24 euros for 4 copies)
  • This is a temporary action that lasts until the end of May
  • All of the above does NOT include VAT

What’s the difference with before?

Well with the traditional laser sintering pricing model a bounding box of 125cm3 would have cost you around 24 euros and each copy of that would have been a lot more than 4 euros a piece. With the pricing model of today all 4 copies combined would have cost you only 24 euros which is the same price you would have paid for one copy before!

So in simple words:

Half the price is guaranteed! The more copies you order, the more money you save up!

So what can I design in polyamide or alumide that would fit within a bounding box of 12cm3? Let us give you some examples from some of our wonderful designers who have placed their work in our gallery to inspire you…

Tendril Earrings by Dan Yeffet

myKEES LACE by Studio-ePosh

Holly Ball by Michaella Janse van Vuuren

Now that your brain has had some inspirational food, get your pens out and start designing! The price is right and so is the time!