Meet the Designer: Josh Azevedo

Josh, Heather and their adorable dog

Meet Josh Azevedo, a man who’s driven by love and decided to use 3D printing to translate his deepest feelings for his wife to be, Heather. We met Josh last year when he came to use with the idea of 3D printing a lovely set of gnomes in multicolor. Ever since that moment, we kept on seeing more of his lovely work come to life through our printers. Today we would like to share Josh’s story with our community and highlight his magnificent 3D printed work that (we can safely say this) comes from deep down in his heart.

Here’s what Josh has to say…

Tell us a bit about yourself? Who is Josh Azevedo?

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. After high school in 1996 I attended Clackamas Community College for some general education courses. On my own, I played with some 3d programs, just cause it looked cool and so I fell in love with 3d modeling. After a short break from the community college, I enrolled in the Art Institute of Portland were I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 3D Animation and Media Arts, June 2008.

Some of Josh's family members as a group of 3D printed garden gnomes in multicolor

How did you discover 3D printing?

I wanted to make the gnomes for my grandparents as a special Christmas gift. I modeled my grandpa, grandma, my mothers sister and my mom. They were a big hit at Christmas. I started web surfing and once i had a grasp on how to make the models specifically for 3d printing I sought out a service to do so. I found your website and the combination of a user friendly site and the wonderful customer support made me chose you guys.

Josh's lovely 3D printed gift for his family

What inspired you to use 3D printing for your projects?

I wanted to “see” the items in my own hands that I spent so much time staring at through a  screen. I think it’s only natural after modeling something to want to hold it in your hands. I wanted to get in on the cutting edge of technology so i started doing research and found your site.

Wedding topper 3D printed in paintable resin and then chromed

What’s the vision behind your creations?

The wedding creations were designed to resemble and reflect our personality as artists and individuals. We made our toppers in the paintable resin then chromed them. Our rings we chose to make out of titanium. We wanted them to last and with titanium we know it will resist wear better than other materials. We just couldn’t find anything pre-made that suited us. So I chimed in with “I can make that!” I convinced my fiance to make our wedding topper and our wedding bands. I would have designed more things if our budget and time frame allowed it. I also made a special present for my fiance as a gift.

What software packages were used to create the artwork?

Maya, mudbox, 3ds max, Zbrush, Photoshop.

Wonderfully designed titanium rings by Josh & Heather

Do you have any favorite material to 3D print in?

I just love the multicolor material. It’s just great to have your model pop out with a texture on it. The prime grey material is great too, the detail is amazing..  But then there is the titanium material we did our rings in… Gosh do I really have to pick a favorite?? lol 😉

Great meaningful details are present in both rings

What other 3D printing projects would you like to bring to life in the future?

I am currently building custom gnomes for customers as well as custom cake toppers. I have a fantastic gladiator I am working on now. I plan to make the body out of multicolor and the armor and accessories out of the high detail resin so i can paint them like metal.. I just can’t wait to see it finished.

Where can we find more of your lovely work?

Follow me on Facebook here or visit my website at

Did you like Josh’s work or his lovely gnomes? You can now get yours from the i.materialise gallery. Have a look at his profile here. We look forward at seeing more of this great designer and all of us at i.materialise would like to wish Josh & Heather a lovely wedding and many happy years to follow.

A lovely wedding topper for a lovely couple